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When Is Jesus Coming?

The Bible is actually very plain on this. The problem is, we tend to see only what we want to see. So let us look at what the Bible actually says. Let’s start with Daniel 2. We were told that the ten toes (seven after three were uprooted) would never unite. The problem is, they are in the process of uniting. That means Jesus must come right before they are all united or just after. How soon before they unite? Have you ever heard of the EU (European Union)? Keep reading the news.

Next, we are told that the world will unite behind the “mark of the beast”. We know that “mark” to be the universal Sunday law. How close are we to that? Let’s work backwards.


1. In order for the Sunday law to be world wide, every country must agree to it. How close are we to that? Most of Europe already has mandatory Sunday laws.


2. In order for the Sunday law to be worldwide, every Sabbath keeping entity must agree to it. That means that the government of Israel and all Jews must agree with it. All Sabbath keeping religions will accept it: Seventh-day Adventist, Seventh-day Baptists, Seventh-day Lutheran’s, Church of God - 7th day, Seventh-day Pentecostals, etc., etc.


3. In order for the Sunday Law to be worldwide, every Muslim will have to submit to it. That means that some great disaster must take place to force Muslims to accept the keeping of Sunday as a holy day instead of their holy day: Friday. What will that be?


a.  Some major terrorist attack?

b.  A combined attack against the West by the Islamic nations

c.  Islam democratically voted out for Christianity

d. Whatever happens, in the end, to save face after losing the “battle”, the Islamic holy men will admit that Allah and the “Christian God” are one and they will accept Sunday as their Holy day.


4. Every person on the planet will have to be identified and tracked. Revelation tells us that the one-world government will be able to force ALL to obey the Sunday laws. Do you have a cell phone? You are identified. Almost everyone on earth has one.


Watch the world’s events carefully. Slowly but surely, the devil is bringing disasters that will “require” the world to become a dictatorship. In order to keep peace, safety and the mass migration of immigrants from disrupting the world, a one-world government will be accepted by all the world.