A Final Comment

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Again, I can not stress enough how the devil has so deceived the world that they teach wickedness as righteousness and righteousness as wickedness. Let me explain in a way that I pray you will be able to simply understand in order to save your eternal life.

People get up in the morning on "church day" and work so hard to get to church. They have to get the kids up, find the "right" clothes, make sure the car is clean and looking good. Get their breakfast all out of the way and rush to "church".

Then they sit in the pew while the pastor tells them that they can’t "work their way to Heaven". Great you say, it was hard enough to "work my way to church".

But let’s look at this. All God asks us to do is "work out our salvation". What does that mean? It means this. All I have to do is obey the Ten Commandments for my eternal life; not go to church. OK, how does that "work"?

In order for me to break the Ten Commandments, I have to "work" at sin. In order to steal, I have to put a lot of work into breaking into a home or a car, etc., to steal. That is a lot of work. But if I obey the Ten Commandments and not steal, WOW, that just saved me a lot of "work".

In order to have sex outside of marriage I have to go to a lot of work. I have to work at seducing a lady. I have to work hard to pay for a dinner out. I have to work hard to put on the right clothes. I have to work real hard to cover it up so my wife won’t find out. Look at all the work I have to do to "sin". And this goes for all the Ten Commandments.

And yet your pastor is telling you that you can’t work your way into heaven by simply not "working at sin". Then he tells you all the work you must do as a member of his church: sing in the choir, help with fund-raisers, teach classes, go on mission trips, organize this and organize that. And if you don’t, he begins to insinuate that you are not "working hard enough" for Jesus. How wicked.

No wonder Jesus brings us rest and peace. All that "working at sin" is destroying us. Let us "Work out our salvation" by not working so hard at sinning or going to church. Relax and obey Jesus: "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy..." not go to church. Rest, sleep, spend time with your family.