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Scientific Evidences

Through this Bible study, the Holy Spirit has attempted to show the validity of the Bible through prophecy. Through prophecy we have been able to show that God is and that He rewards those who love Him. We have been able to prove that the Bible is of God and that it can be trusted. All unconditional prophecies, up to this point, have come to pass.


But there may be some who are still swayed by the myths and theories of evolution. Adolf Hitler made a statement that is very relevant to this topic. He said:


“If you tell a lie long enough,

and loud enough and

often enough,

the people will believe it.”


How true that is with the theory of evolution. Notice, it is just a theory. Evolution cannot be proven. Since no one was around to witness evolution, all we can do is theorize about it.


But you say, no one was around to witness the creation of the world. That is where you are wrong. Jesus was around then. After all, He created the world, and then He came and told us about it. That is what the Bible is all about. It is the written record of the truth. I don’t see any written records of the “facts” or “truth” of evolution coming down to us from the past. Do you?


But let’s step out from between the pages of the Bible for a few minutes and take a look at the scientific evidence. Which does it support: evolution or special creation?


Okay, let’s look at evolution. Where are the scientific facts that support it? There are none. All you have are misguided people running around the world trying to match bones and “create” a missing link. Why are they trying so hard to “create” a missing link? Because there are no missing links.


Let’s see, the theory of evolution states that the earth has been in the making for about 4.5 billion years. Wow. Accordingly, man was supposed to appear on the scene about 2 million years ago. Prior to that there were supposed to be vegetation and other animals. Well, where is all that vegetation?

Oldest Known Living Organism
Did you know that the oldest living organism (a Bristle Cone Pine Tree on the coast of California) on planet earth today is only 4,200 years old? You didn’t know that? How come? Were you too busy listening to the lies that are being proclaimed so long, so loud and so often that the facts got pushed aside?
If the earth is supposed to be 4.5 billion years old, why is the oldest living organism on the earth about 4,200 years old? Well, I have an idea about that. You see, the Bible says that about 6,000 years ago, God created the earth and the heavens. Then about 4,300 years ago, He washed it clean with a flood. Now if you were beginning to grow after that, you would be about 4,200 years old. Interesting, seems to me like a perfect match.

“The facts are, however, that fossil remains are rarely, if ever, complete. The most numerous fossil remains are the teeth, which are commonly found detached or embedded in a fragment of the jaw. Cranial fragments are somewhat less common, and limb bones are often extremely rare. Thus, evidence for the existence of some of the structural criteria may not always be available. Added to this difficulty is the fact that available fossils are rare and that frequently there are large gaps in the continuous sequence of the evolving hominoid.”  Collier’s


“Large gaps?”  That is an understatement.  Take “Lucy” for an example.  The evolution community parades “her” around and says, “See, these are the bones of the ‘missing link’ between us and the monkeys”.  Really?  Did you know that those bones are only about 3 feet tall?  A monkey is all she is.  Not only that, but did you know that her “bones” were found over a mile and a half apart, and in two different strata layers of the earth?  I wonder what it was that hit her and scattered “her bones” that far?  Or maybe, they don’t belong to “her” at all.  Maybe they are just bones of many different animals that prejudiced evolutionists have gathered up and stuck together.


Go up two paragraphs and read carefully again.  Basically what it says is that there are very few bones lying around to study and learn from.  Why are there very few bones lying around?  That poses a very big problem to the evolutionists.  Why?


You see, there are laws.  There is a law of population statistics that says that the earth’s population can be stated as such: The population grows at an annual increase of 1% - 2%.  And then, every 82 years, one half of the population is wiped out because of war, disease, famine, plague and pestilence, etc.


Okay, let’s take the law of population growth and use it on the theory of evolution. They claim that man has been around for about 2 million years.  Starting with just one couple, a man and a woman, we have a real problem.


Because the problem is so huge, I am going to cut it back to only 41,000 years of human habitation on this planet.  If humans only started populating the earth 41,000 years ago, using the law of population growth as accepted by all scientific disciplines, do you know how many people there would be on the earth today?  2x10 to the 89th power.  That is more than all the electrons in the whole universe, by some accounts.  That is more than 150,000 people per square inch on planet earth!  And they want me to believe that humans have been here for over a million years?


However, let’s take that same formula and use it biblically.  The Bible tells us that about 4,300 years ago, four families stepped off the ark and repopulated the earth.  Okay, using the same formula we would come down to our day (the year 2000) and find only about 6 billion people on the earth.  Is that correct?  According to all the population statistics, yes.


The theory of evolution just doesn’t stand up to its own theory.  It keeps making a monkey out of itself.  It ought to just accept the facts and believe the science that proves creation.  By the way, more and more scientists are believing in creation.  The “evidence” for evolution just keeps falling down.

Let’s take a look at the earth and see what it can tell us about its age. It can’t talk to us, so we have to use science to tell us. That is the problem with evolution, they don’t use science. They use “Well, I guess it’s that old.” Not very scientific. And how do they guess the ages? They find a bone and say, “This bone is 400 million years old.” How do they know? Because they found it in a layer of stone (sand) that they say is 400 million years old. Then they find a layer of stone (sand) and say, “This layer of stone is 400 million years old.” And how do they guess its age? They find a bone in it and say, because, this bone is 400 million years old. That is called “circular reasoning” and has no place in science.


But you say, they can date the rocks using radioactive material. Doesn’t that prove how old the earth is? No! You can find any age for this earth using that method. The radioactive material in the rocks comes in all ages. They just pick the one they like and use it. Not very scientific. Also, Carbon 14 dating is dependent on ultraviolet radiation. Because more UV is coming in now than it was even 2000 years ago it is giving us false readings. They are using a rubber ruler to measure with. Just stretch it to any length you want.


But the earth and the heavens do speak to us of a Creator. They do tell us of His work and how He did it. Listen to Psalms 19:1-4. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.” Are you listening? If you haven’t been, keep reading, and you will hear their voice and their knowledge. Then you too will become wise.


The earth is like a giant magnet. Around it is “a powerful geomagnetic field that extends more than 40,000 miles (64,000 km) into space. The lines of force of this field emerge from one magnetic pole of the earth and reenter at the other.” Collier’s


The problem is, “the main geomagnetic field is changing with time. Its intensity has been continuously decreasing by 6 percent every 100 years.” Collier’s. Get that, it is “decreasing”. Now let me see, if the geomagnetic field is losing one half its strength every 1400 years, which it is, that makes big trouble for the evolutionists.


That means that 1400 years ago, the geomagnetic field was twice as strong as it is today. 1400 years before that, it was four times as strong as it is now. After 10,000 years, the earth’s electromagnetic field would have been so strong that no life could have existed. Going back 15,000 years the field would have been so strong that this planet would have been a magnetic star. That means that no life could have existed past 10,000 years ago. Big problem for the evolutionists. No problem for the creationist and an earth only 6,000 years old.

Take the oceans as another example of the mindlessness of evolution. The oceans are getting saltier each year. Based on their percentage of increase, why are they only 3.6% salt if the earth is millions of years old? A big problem for evolution. No problem for creationists and a 6,000-year-old earth.
How about the coral reef? After doing a 20 year study on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, scientists found that it is only 4,200 years old. Interesting, why is it only 4,200 years old if the earth is millions of years old? Big problem for the evolutionists. No problem for the creationists. You see, about 6,000 years ago, God created the earth and the heavens. About 4,300 years ago He sent a flood to clean it up. The reef had to start over.

Did you know that the earth is slowing down? “The Earth’s spin is gradually slowing down as a result of the influence of the tides.”* Now since the earth is slowing down, that means it had to be going faster in the past. Big problem for the evolutionists. No problem for the creationists. Where did the dinosaurs go? If the evolutionists are right, they flew off into space.   Get the point? Little humor.

How about the moon? Did you know that it is moving away from the earth at about two inches a year? “The loss of angular momentum from the Earth’s rotation is transferred to the Moon’s orbit and causes the Moon to slowly recede from the Earth.”*


Well, since it is moving away, that means that it must have been closer. Bad news for the evolutionists. Good news for the creationists. Just 2 million years ago, the moon would have been so close to the earth that it would have drowned all living things, twice a day. Most living things can only drown once in a lifetime.

Remember, the moon causes the tides by its gravitational pull. You see, the tides, which the moon influences, would have been so high that they would have swept the earth. Nope, evolution just doesn’t cut it. But creation does.

How about that sun? It is slowly losing 5 million tons of fuel a second. That means that it is shrinking in size. Well, if it is shrinking in size, then it must have been larger in the past. Hot problem for the evolutionists. 20 million years ago the sun would have been too close to the earth. Now I know what happened to the dinosaurs, they roasted. No problem for the creationists.


Evolutionists hate laws. All their evolution theories go against the laws of science. Let’s take a look at the Big Bang theory. To put it simply, they believe that all the matter in the universe was once crammed into a tiny little dot no larger than the period at the end of this sentence. Wow, that is a mighty, crowded dot.


The question is, where did all that matter come from? Who created it? I know, but they don’t want to know. But there is a problem. Not for the creationist, but for the evolutionists. “The first law, then, is a law of energy conservation. It states that, …energy cannot be created or destroyed” (Infopedia). Where did the energy come from for the explosion? What made it move in the first place? Something or Someone had to put this thing into motion.


Another law is the law of Angular Momentum. What that law says is that if you have something spinning, say, in a clockwise direction, all the pieces that come off that item must also spin in a clockwise motion. Real problem for the evolutionists. No problem for the creationists. Why a problem for the evolutionist? They believe that the universe came from a spinning dot in the big bang.


You see, not everything in the universe is spinning in the same direction. Just in our little solar system, we have Venus and Uranus, planets that are spinning backwards. “Radar observations of the surface reveal that the planet (Uranus) spins backwards (clockwise observed from the north pole) once every 243 days.” Collier’s


Why are they doing that? Who stopped them and then re-spun them in that direction?   Can’t happen if they came from a Big Bang. Not only are the planets spinning in different directions, but there are moons that are spinning and traveling around planets in opposite directions to the other moons going around that same planet. Big problem to the evolutionist. No problem to a creationist.

The 2nd law of Thermodynamics is that everything tends toward disorder. “The law states that the entropy - that is, the disorder - of an isolated system - can never decrease. Thus, when an isolated system achieves a configuration of maximum entropy, it can no longer undergo change: It has reached equilibrium. Nature, then, seems to “prefer” disorder or chaos.” (Infopedia).   Let’s see now. Evolutionists claim that everything is getting better. Yet the law states that everything is getting worse. What do you think?


If you painted your house this year, would it be getting better and better each year? Or would it deteriorate and get worse and worse each year until you finally had to get the paint and brush out and do it again? How about that automobile of yours? Does it get better over time, or does it need repairing over time? What about your body? Does it get better over time, or does it deteriorate and need fixing over time?


Those evolutionists really have a problem. If we are supposed to be getting bigger and better with time, why is it that everything found in the past fossil record is bigger and better.   We, however, are smaller and worse off today?

Why do we have sharks that are only 30 feet long today, but in the fossil record they are over 60 feet long? Why do we have dragon flies that are a few inches across when the fossil record has them with a wing span of over three feet across? Why is it that a certain club moss that grows about 18 inches now, grew in the fossil record to be over a hundred feet tall?

We are not getting better, we are getting dumber, dumber and worse off. This planet is falling apart. It needs a major overhaul. Somebody has to come back and make it right again or we are in real trouble. That is what this book is all about. He is coming back, and soon.

Do you believe in fairy tales? I bet you do if you are an evolutionist. You see, all evolutionists believe in fairy tales. They believe in the fairy tale of the princess who kissed the frog and the frog turned into a prince. What? You say not me. I don’t believe that nonsense.


Then why do you believe that a frog evolved into a man? That is just the same as the fairy tale. The only difference is the magic wand of “time”. If the princess kisses the frog and it turns into a prince quickly, that is an impossible fairy tale. But if the princess kisses the frog and in 20 million years it turns into a prince, that is science? Stupid.

“For He spoke, and it came to be; He commanded, and it stood firm.” Psalm 33:9.


Do we have scientific evidence that this happened? Yes. God left His fingerprints all over creation. He made it so you and I could hear His voice speaking to us, if we listen and watch and observe closely. Let’s see what we can find.


“With the discovery of RADIOACTIVITY at the end of the 19th century, however, geologists gained a much more precise tool for the dating of past Earth events. This tool, radiometric age-dating, is based on the fact that every radioactive element decays. That is, the so-called “parent” element emits radiation and particles until it is transformed by the loss into, eventually, a stable “daughter” element, sometimes passing through a series of transformations into other radioactive elements before reaching this stability. Each radioactive element also has its own pattern and rate of decay.” Grolier


“Absolute ages of deposition for sedimentary units are determined by RADIOMETRIC AGE-DATING. This technique measures the age of crystallization of a mineral in which small amounts of a radioactive element are incorporated. As the element decays, the decay products are trapped in the mineral. The ratio of radioactive element to decay product indicates the time since crystallization.” Grolier


As the above two paragraphs indicate, we can date the earth by the radioactivity that is left behind. You see, radioactive particles deteriorate by what is called “half-life” time. If a certain radioactive material takes one year to lose half its radioactivity, then we can measure the age.


These radioactive chain reactions leave signature rings that can be measured. We can literally count the rings as the material was breaking down and know how long it took to break down. Then we will know how old the item is that had that radioactive chain reaction.


Now let’s put all of this together. The evolutionists say that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. They say that the crust of this earth, the granite, “was formed ages ago when magma (molten rock) cooled. This cooling took place below the Earth’s surface and slowly enough to permit formation of crystals.” Compton’s


Is that what happened? Nope. You see, inside the granite, there are signature rings of radioactive material that has long since decayed and left. But the signature ring is still there. No problem you say, must have had a very long half-life. That way, as the granite cooled over millions of years we are now able to see those signature rings. Nope.

One of those radioactive materials is Polonium 218. It only has a half-life of 3 minutes. In about seven half minutes there is nothing left to be recorded. That means that in less than 21 minutes the granite had to be completely formed and recording, in order to record Polonium 218. Wow, 21 minutes to form the granite of the earth. That is a pretty short time. I guess it didn’t take millions of years for the earth to form. Only about 21 minutes.

But it gets even better. We find Polonium 214 recorded in the granite. Now we are really talking fast. Polonium 214 has a half life of — get this – point (that’s with a period, a dot) .000164 seconds.


That means, that in less time than it takes for you to snap your fingers the granite of this earth had to be completely solid, intact and functioning as a hard piece of rock in order to record that Polonium 214 deteriorating.

Did God create this world in an instant as the Bible says He did? You bet He did. Proven by science. Everything points to a very young earth. God created it only about 6,600 years ago. How do we know that?

Remember, if you are old enough, the landing of Neil Armstrong on the moon. If you are not old enough check out the photos and read about it. Remember the space craft he used to land on the moon.


Look at the landing pods it used in order to land on the moon. Why are they round? “Because little was known about the lunar surface when construction began in 1962, engineers designed the cantilever landing gear—consisting of four sets of legs, each ending in a dish-shaped pod—so that the vehicle could land safely and remain upright on a variety of surfaces.” Grolier


What were they concerned about? Well, you see, the evolution scientist said that the earth and the moon were 4.5 billion years old. Now all during that time, cosmic dust has been falling on the moon. The scientists were afraid that the dust had accumulated to a depth of at least 50 feet.


Since there is no mechanism to assimilate that dust into the moon’s surface, as there is on earth, they felt that it would be soft and loosely compacted. Therefore they were afraid that the spacecraft would sink into it and be lost. That’s the “why” for those big round pods. You could land on water with them and still float.


They sent up many unmanned space flights to measure the rate at which cosmic dust was landing on the moon. Sure enough, the rate at which it was falling would indicate, scientifically, that if the moon and earth were 4.5 billion years old, the outer limits would be 54 feet to 900 feet of dust on the moon. That’s scientific.


Was there between 54 and 900 feet of dust on the moon? When Neil Armstrong landed, the first words out of his mouth, after his famous, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” was “It’s solid”. That one statement, “it’s solid”, threw evolution out the window and into the trash can. All their human wisdom came to nothing. God said in His Word that He created it instantaneously and only about 6,600 years ago. How do we know?


Since they did all those measurements, they knew exactly how much dust was falling. They knew the rate at which it was landing on the moon. All they had to do was measure the depth of the dust and they would know exactly the age of the moon and the earth. Did they? Yes. “The most important scientific result of the Apollo missions has been to establish the existence of a substantial lunar crust.” Collier’s


They measured it and it turned out to be about one eighth (1/8) to one quarter (1/4) of an inch deep. That means that the moon and the earth, scientifically, are only 6,600 years old. Just like the Bible suggests. Keep in mind that Genesis chapter one tells us that God made the sun (greater light) and the moon (lesser light) at the same time as this earth.

There has been some very significant work done with light. Since the 1700’s light has been measured very accurately. What they have found is that it is slowing down. Just traveling through space makes light “tire” and slow down. This is why when scientists talk about knowing the distance of stars by the “red shift” of light, they are wrong. Those stars could be very close. How?


Since we know that light has been measured accurately since the 1700’s, we know that it has been slowing down and leveling out in its speed. We can mathematically put that information in the computer and show for how long it has been slowing down and therefore, when it was first “created”.


Using a powerful computer, they put the information in and found that going back to when light was “created” or going at an infinite rate of speed, we go back to 6,640 years + or – 20 years. That is how accurately we can determine the age of this earth, and the universe.


Over the years, I have been reading the debate, i.e. scorn, that scientist have towards “Christianity”. They call us stupid for accepting something they claim cannot be “scientifically” verified. They call us “dimwits” for believing in a “God” they say we can not see nor prove.


They look at all the religions of the world and claim that agnostics, atheists and scientists are far more “moral”. They point to all the hatred and killings, holocaust and genocides they claim are caused by “Christianity” or people of faith. Then they smugly beat their chests and claim superiority.


With that in mind, I would like to make some observational points. Let’s start with the last. The problem here lies in understanding definitions. Any good scientist will tell you that the first step is to identify the problem. Make sure that your words and definitions identify that problem correctly. “Christianity” means to be a follower of Christ. Not one true “Christian” ever started a war, or committed genocide or succumbs to hatred and killings. Why, because the moment you did that, you void your title as “Christian”.


You can point to churches, denominations and people and say, “See, they are ‘Christian’ and they hate and kill and support all these bad things.” But using a scientific process we would come to the rational conclusion that they are not “Christian” since they violate the teachings and examples of Jesus. You can be a person of faith, or belong to a church or religion, but you are not a “Christian” if you are not living as Jesus lived and commanded us to live.


Now, about scientifically verifying my belief. A scientist verifies his belief by measuring quantitatively that belief. If he can prove it by his measuring devices he claims it is “scientific” and no longer needs faith. But yet, that is faith. He has faith that his measuring devices are measuring what he believes, since no one can see “dark matter” or “quirks”, as examples, etc.


In my experience I do the same thing. The Bible says that if I obey Him and do what He commands me, all my prayers will be answered. So I put Him to a scientific test. I obey Him and then I ask. Interesting things happens, everything I ask for comes to me. As with any scientific experiment, if it happens over and over again, God and the Bible must be proved true. There must be an Intelligent force out there who can hear me, see me and be able to move circumstances to answer those prayers. That is scientific.

How do the dinosaurs fit into all of this? Didn’t they live 60 million years ago? Don’t we have physical evidence that they existed? No – Yes.


Dinosaurs did exist. Some of them were created by God and had a very valuable part to play in the creation model. They were in fact created on the 5th and 6th days of creation, right along with man. So, yes, they are a fact of creation, but no, they did not live 60 million years ago. We have evidence today of man and dinosaurs living side by side. In the following photos you will see some of that evidence.


At Glen Rose, Texas, you can go to the Dinosaur State Park and see human and dinosaur foot prints in the same geological strata. The next picture shows you a human and dinosaur foot print at the McFall ranch where excavations have been and are being conducted. Over 54 human foot prints have been originally uncovered along side dinosaur foot prints since about 1980.


A book to get and read, with pictures to back it up, is “Dinosaur, Scientific Evidence That Dinosaurs And Men Walked Together”, by Carl E. Baugh, Ph.D with Clifford A. Wilson, Ph.D. You can also order videos and other material from Dr. Baugh that will show the scientific evidence for creation. Creation Evidences Museum, P.O. Box 309, Glen Rose, TX, 76043-0309. Also From: Creation Science Evangelism, 29 Cummings Rd., Pensacola, FL 32503. The sample examples I give are mostly from their seminars and discussions.

“The Cretaceous Period is the upper division of the MESOZOIC ERA, extending from about 140 million to 65 million years ago. Its name refers to chalk (creta in Latin), the characteristic rock formed during this period in many parts of Europe.” Grolier


Now lets get this straight. According to evolution, the Cretaceous Period was about 140 million to 65 million years ago. Way before “humans” walked the face of the earth. Yet here we have a fossilized human finger that was found in the Cretaceous layer.


Oops. Evolutionists really hate these facts. They just can’t explain them. So what do they do? They turn their heads and bury them in the sand and say, “I don’t want to see that. It doesn’t agree with what I want to believe.” How stupid of them. Like the Bible says, they are willingly stupid. (Sounds like a lot of churches when it comes to the 7th day Saturday Sabbath and the teachings of Jesus.)

The next picture of a hammer that was found encased in Ordovician sandstone. Now let’s take a look at how old the evolutionist say Ordovician sandstone is. “The Ordovician Period, spanning the interval from 500 to about 425 million years ago, is the second period of the PALEOZOIC ERA of geologic time. The name is derived from the Ordovices, an early Celtic tribe that once inhabited the area of northwest Wales where the characteristic strata were first described.” Grolier


Isn’t that wonderful? Here we have a hammer that is obviously made by a human. Yet, it is found some 400 million years before the evolutionists say man existed.


Well, you say, somebody just buried it there. No, you see this hammer is not buried in the sandstone, it has become “fossilized” in the sandstone. The sandstone had to be chipped away from it. It is encased in stone.


Secondly, when God does something, He does it very good. You see, this hammer is so sophisticated that it cannot be manufactured by any human technology today. It could only have been made before the flood with the atmospheric conditions they had and which do not exist today.