Jesus Christ Prison Ministry

Revelation 16

Here we begin to see what lies ahead for those who continue to reject the love of God, His “Ten Commandments of Love” and His 7th day Sabbath. The first angel poured out his bowl and ugly, painful sores broke out on the people. These people are those who did not come out of their country-club churches and religions. They worshiped the Sunday sabbath against God’s plain statements. Or, like the Jews, made their Sabbath keeping churches their “god” but continued to sin.

The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea and turned it into blood like a dead man. Everything in the sea died. The wicked have been spilling the blood of God’s children for centuries. Now they must drink it.

The third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs and they became blood. All water will be blood. There will be nothing to drink. Egypt is an example of these plagues. If you believe in the Egypt experience, you better get out of your church now.

The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it scorched people with fire. The Bible tells us how hot this will get. Isaiah 30:26 says, “the sunlight will be seven times brighter.” Do you have any idea what a sun seven times brighter will do to you? Talk about a “global warming”. The “greens” could never imagine what is coming. And no, it is not carbon that is causing it but sinful lives.

The fifth angel plunged men into darkness. This will represent the state of their “truths” and “teachings”. They are in the pit of darkness because they have hung on to their sinful, dark ways. By this time there is no food left. No water to water the plants, and the heat has withered anything that was edible. You will gnaw your tongue and eat your children.

The sixth angel poured out his bowl and the great river Euphrates was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.   The “East” has always been a concept to the Jews of idol worship and paganism. They came out of the East when God called Abraham out of Ur. The East was associated with everything anti-God. The great river Euphrates has always been a barrier to the East. Look at any map and you will see how the river Euphrates divides the “East” from the land of Israel. Many of the armies that attacked Israel came from beyond the Euphrates river.


But now the symbolic Euphrates river has been dried up. There are no more barriers. The nations of the world can unite against the people of God. How is this to happen? We must go back into our history to see how this will happen in the future. Look at the world today. Everyone wants peace and safety. Look at what has been happening from Bosnia to Israel and the Palestinians, Iraq and Iran, Korea, Africa, Asia and the Americas. All are fighting over nationalism or religion. Almost every war in history has been fought because of nationalistic or religious fanaticism.


So what will happen? I believe that the U.N. will carve up the world into 10 regional areas. These areas will be administered by 10 administrators. Why? Look at the mass migration of humanity caused by ISIS, Muslim and socialist governments. The world will no longer be this nationalism or that nationalism, but we will all be citizens of planet earth. All will be “one” under one government. No more wars! Peace and safety.’


This one-world government, as depicted in Revelation 13, will rule the world, the economy and religion. I believe the Catholic Church will be the head of all religions. Your church can exist only as long as it abides by the rules of the Catholic Church. That includes Sabbath keeping churches.


To help you understand this concept better, I am going to quote to you an editorial by Bill Carlson. He wrote this in the Yucaipa “The View”, August 2000. He is reporting on his attendance of the “California School Boards Association’s (CSBA) Curriculum Institute”. This is what he heard and reported from them on what they are planning to teach the children in California Schools. However, it is not limited to California. All School systems have accepted this concept.


“The efficiently presented, high-impact grand finale, ‘Change Drivers of the 21st Century’, took on an intimidating tone. Changes are coming’ Big Changes and resistors who stand in the way, they warned, ‘will be rolled over’. The message; Don’t resist! Well, change is always coming, Carlson, and changes may bring improvement. Is that so bad? What changes are coming? More than you may want to know about! The speakers rarely stopping for questions, briefly explained each change from a series of lists projected to an overhead-viewing screen. The explosion of new information, technology and mutual dependence among nations were reasons used to promote the ‘need’ for globalization. The speakers depicted the ‘new world’ as one that will bring ‘peace’ and ‘repairs’ to the entire planet. With it will come:


  • Global governance

  • Spiritualism based on eastern philosophy (will replace all traditional religions)

  • Wellness of mind, body, and spirit

  • Environmental protection (Environmental desecration will be justification for armed conflict)

  • Global citizenship (National Borders will be eliminated)

  • Co-housing of families

  • Local and global affinity groups such as Harley motorcycle clubs, wine sippers, mediators, etc.

  • Creativity, freedom, energetic self-reliance, and patriotism (These always thrive under totalitarian rule, don’t they?!)


A ‘right balance’ of these and other ‘invigorates’ will give new life to new global world designed by the genius of man. Or will it?… The United Nations General Assembly met in Geneva, Switzerland, to launch a plan to dramatically reduce national sovereignty, limit the ability of nations to govern their own affairs, and impose global taxes on developed countries, costing Americans trillions of dollars’ to finance this madcap global scheme.”


When the symbolic Euphrates river is dried up, the Kings of the East, the heads of all the satanic religions, will be gathered together. Who are these Kings? Who do they represent?

In verse 13 we see that “three evil spirits that looked like frogs” came out of the mouths of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet.  Who are these critters?


The dragon we know.  He is Satan in his rawest form. But Satan has always used a medium for his deceptive work.  The rawest form has been paganism, the worship of idols.  Are there religions today that worship pagan idols?  Yes.  Hinduism and Buddhism are idol worshipers, along with many other Eastern religions.  Atheists and science also falls in this “idol” worship category.  They worship “science”.


But not everyone is so stupid as to bow down to a piece of carved stone.  So the devil has also cloaked himself under the guise of Christianity.  That is the “beast”.  You see, Jesus is referred to as the “Lamb of God”.  So the power in Revelation 13 that comes up out of the land as a two-horned lamb is U.S.A. Protestantism.  Most of the world’s Protestants are bowing down to the Protestant movements of the U.S.A.  Since the Protestants came out of the Catholic Church they will again unite with them, we will put all “Christianity” under this category.  Ever hear of the “Religious Right”?

Then there is the false prophet. “Prophets” always have a nice ring to them. There are suckers born every few minutes who will follow a “prophet”. So the devil has given the world a great one: Islam and the false prophet Mohammed.
Between these three religions, 99.999% of all the world’s population has been accounted for. These three religions, which now stand apart from each other and at each others throats with guns and bombs, will be brought together to fight against God in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ. But to fight against Jesus, they must first be united. How does that happen? “They go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.” Vs 14. Just look at India and Pakistan. They are in a state of war. (Remember this is during the 7 last plagues. However, you will see the formation of this taking place as you read this.)
Just after the Iranian revolution, when militant Islam took over Iran, the conservative, militant, spiritual advisers of Islam from around the world gathered in Iran to plan for the destruction of all secular and religious governments that were not ruled by the “god” of the Koran. Now you understand 9/11 and all the fanatical attacks against the U.S. and other “Western” governments around the world since 1979.
“Across Western Europe, religious leaders, educators, and policy makers describe a social collision between Muslims and non-Muslims. At its nucleus, they say, are radically different ideas about what constitutes religious extremism - and what is Islamophobia.” U.S. News & World report, January 10, 2005: Europe’s Identity Crisis
But the “Christian” governments of the West, and the “pagan” governments of the East won’t allow it. Therefore, “They go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.” There will be a worldwide engagement in which Islam will be defeated. Because of its defeat, Islam will bow to the “god” of the West and recognize that the “god” of the Koran is the same as the God of the Bible. Then the world will unite as one and the International Sunday Law will be passed. Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and all the world will accept Sunday as the world’s holy day and sabbath.
These three religions will be ruled, says the Bible, by the Pope, and eventually Satan as “The Christ”, from Jerusalem. After all, isn’t that where all three of these religions come together now? Such miracles, says the Bible, will take place that the whole world will accept the Pope as God’s representative on this earth. He will be invited to reign over all the world’s religions from Jerusalem.
What is the “great day of God Almighty?” That is the “day” or time in world’s history when the world has decided against the God of the Bible and has decided to set up its own god of this world. You see, the devil doesn’t want Jesus to come and take his kingdom away from him. He wants to stop Jesus dead in His tracks. How does he do that?
Ever hear of atomic bombs, neutron bombs and star wars? How about rockets to take bombs out into space to stop meteorites from hitting the earth. Ever hear of such things? I am sure you have. Those bombs and defense systems are not meant to be against the people of this world. Yes they were used for that purpose, but that was/is only the sideshow. Lucifer was/is having mankind build them to stop his enemy, Jesus Christ, when He comes back to pick up His people.
The devil doesn’t want to destroy this earth. He needs people to rule over. He needs kingdoms to reign over. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand said Jesus. The devil does not want to be divided against himself. All these instruments of war will be used against Jesus. The devil does not want Jesus to come and disrupt his kingdom here.
When the nations united to destroy God the first time, God wiped them out by water. When they tried to reach into heaven, God destroyed the Tower of Babel. When they conspired together to kill Him on the cross, He stated, “It is finished”. The Roman and the Jewish nations were destroyed.
Now that the world, under the leadership of Satan, is conspiring again to destroy Him through His children, He says, “It is done”. That’s it folks. It is finished. Jesus takes up the challenge and comes to show that He is God of gods and Lord of lords. That He rules and Lucifer is the usurper. While the world hurls missiles and bombs at Jesus, He is throwing down His own. “From the sky huge hailstones of about a hundred pounds each fell upon men. And they cursed God on account of the plague of hail, because the plague was so terrible.” Revelation 16:21.