Jesus Christ Prison Ministry


As earlier stated, churches were set up for the one purpose of controlling the thinking and actions of their members.  Control is a very human thing.  Why?  Because our humanity is controlled by Lucifer.  At no time in history has a “Christian” ever been in control of anything but himself.  Why, because “Christians” can’t control.  It is against the nature of God to control.  God is love.  Love must give you the right to say “Yes” and the right to say “No”.

Right in the beginning we see this.  God was a Christian and could not control Adam and Eve to obey Him.  He gave them their choice.  Adam and Eve then became Christians and refused to control Cain.  Cain refused to become a Christian and he tried to control Abel.  When he couldn’t, he killed him.  Noah was a Christian.  He did not control one person.  Not one person did he “make” go into the Ark.  He simply gave people the option.  Only seven people chose to join him.


You see, it is Lucifer who wants to control people.  Since He hates God, and everything God stands for, He hates freedom.  He wants to be a god.  He wants to be worshiped just like God is worshiped.  But because no one would worship Lucifer voluntarily, he must resort to control, force, lies, manipulation and stealth.  Those under his control reflect his controlling character.  Those under the influence of Jesus reflect His loving character.


This concept allows us to look at people, nations and organizations and see what influence they are under.  Hitler wanted to control.  When He couldn’t make people worship him, he killed them. 

Luther was a man of God.  When he broke away from the Catholic Church he refused to have anything to do with control.  Even when his “Protestant” friends wanted to go to war against the Catholics, Luther refused to bless their actions.  Luther was for education, not force.  It is the Spirit of God that must water the seed, not weapons of war.


On the other hand, the Catholic Church was for force.  For centuries it had hidden the Bible and refused people the right to read it.  The Catholic Church claimed the right to control every single person, organization and government on earth.  Just like Lucifer, it wanted to be, and acted like, “god”.  Those who refused to bow down to its control were burned alive at the stake, roasted slowly over a fire until dead, stretched until their body parts gave way, sawed apart, tied and thrown into deep bodies of water and many other satanic acts of control.  None for the “glory” of God, but for the power of man, church and Lucifer.


Since that time, other nations have learned well from the Catholic Church.  Communism, Hitlerism, Pol Pot, Rwanda, the Serbs,  Al-Qaeda and militant Muslims and the religious right have all taken their cue from the Catholic Church on how to annihilate and torture those they did not like but want to control.


In the Nineteenth, Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries, religions began taking their cue from the Catholic Church. Look at the wars between the Muslims and Israelis, etc.  The concept is the same.  The only barrier keeping most religions from committing the same horrible and detestable acts are the laws of the land.  However, in many countries of the world today, the state and the Catholic Church are working together to continue their wicked acts against those who refuse to honor man instead of God.  Where the state is controlled by Islam, you have the same atrocities taking place. 

An illustration of the power of the church to destroy is the attitude it has against those who provide abortion services.  The attitude and influence of the church is what has motivated others to kill the doctors, nurses and destroy the clinics.  Look at the same attitude directed against those who are homosexual.  It is the attitude of the church that has given rise to those who hate, hurt and kill those who are homosexual.


I am not defending abortion or homosexuality.  However, I am to love and educate, not force and kill.  All force and killing for conscience sake is of the devil, no matter what the cause.  The Theocracy of God ended with the Jewish nation.  Free will is still the grace of God.  We are to love and let God be the One to carry out any execution.  You may not approve of what someone else does, but that does not give you the right to hurt them in any way, for conscience sake. 


It is not a far leap to go from killing those who are homosexual and provide abortion services, to killing those who keep the 7th day Sabbath instead of the 1st day sabbath of the devil.  “He (the United States of America) was given power to give breath to the image (Sunday worship) of the first beast (Catholic Church), so that it (United States) could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.”  Revelation 13:15.

Even in the states of these United States there are prison and jail systems that are under the demonic concept of control.  Many refuse to allow freedom of religion.  This ministry has had to go before the Federal Court to allow inmates the right to this book.


This concept of control is taught in our homes.  Fathers and mothers, even children are taught and encouraged to “be in control” of others.  All society in today’s world is so involved in controlling that we don’t even recognize it for the evil that it is.  Even “advertising” is no longer a gentle education, but an all-out war to control you and your thinking.  Everything we do, from our education to the car we buy, to the house we live in to the clothes we wear and the food we eat are all expressions of our control over others. 

Yet, listen to what a true Christian would be thinking. “Better a patient man than a warrior, a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city.”  Proverbs 16:32.  We are not to control others but learn how to control ourselves.  That is very hard.  There are fathers and mothers who yell and slap their children around, trying to control them, yet are unable to control even the amount of food they put within their own mouths.  First control your own weight, attitude, anger, hate and unforgiving attitude, then you will be able to lead by example in training up the children in the way they should go.  Proverbs 22:6.

Another example of control by governments is Political Correct speech, known as P.C. You are not allowed to say this or that about someone or something for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. When I attempted to get these books into the Canadian prison system, the books first had to go before a committee. Because the books taught truth, the committee refused to allow them in because the book pointed out the hypocrisy of churches and people who do not want the truth to be spoken. You will see more and more of this being enacted around the world.


Remember, it is the dragon who was and is “enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring – those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus.” Revelation 12:17. If your church, minister, denomination, organization or government entity is making war against those who are quietly yet fervently obeying God’s commandments, including the 7th day (Saturday) Sabbath, you know immediately who is behind them. That old dragon, the devil.

You may think that “control” is going to have a bad, mean or sinister look to it. Not at all. Most of the “control” that is going on today is very subtle and under the guise of “good”. Let’s take a look at wickedness and see how it can express itself. You probably have this opinion of the devil as a mean looking, wild animal type always trying to hurt you. But that is what the devil wants you to believe. That is not the truth. He is an angel who is fallen, but still an angel of light.

By the way, this thing about “love” is way overblown. We tend to judge things by our own experience, by what we want, not by the truth. How do you think Lucifer got 1/3rd of the angels to follow him? Did he force them? No, God would not have allowed that. How did he do it? By “love”, “kindness” and “feelings”. Just the same things you see in the churches of today. The only problem is, the “love”, “kindness” and “feelings” he teaches are not of God. Instead of those emotions bringing us closer to obedience, they are used to take us farther away from obedience to God. That is what Lucifer used in heaven. The love that Lucifer used upon the angels is the same love he is using in the churches of today. It is a selfish love. It is a love based on what you must do for me.


Remember, he didn’t force angels to follow him, he couldn’t. But he could go up to them and smile, put his arms around them and say, “I love you. It is my highest desire to see you free from these Ten Commandments that are causing us so much trouble. We are all righteous. We are perfect. We have eternal life and are saved, we can’t fall or sin. What do we need these for? We can worship God on any day of the week. Why do we need this command that tells us we are to keep the 7th day holy? We are to keep every day holy. Let’s see if we can enlighten God and get Him to do away with these silly Ten Commandments. We are angels, we don’t need these rules, we are free.”


Remember, Lucifer’s name means: Lucifer = ‘light-bearer’, “shining one, morning star, Lucifer”. (Strong’s Concordance)

“Light-bearer”. Yes, he stood in the presence of God and bore the “light”, the messages, from God to all the angels. That is why the angels trusted him. He came from the throne of God with the messages of God.

Well, what do your ministers tell you? Don’t they tell you that they are the “messengers of God”? Don’t they tell you to “trust” them? Don’t they claim to be the “light-bearers” of God bringing you the message from God?


If they are not teaching the teachings of Jesus: stop sinning, be perfect and keep the Ten Commandments, including the 7th day (Saturday) Sabbath holy, in order to earn your eternal life, they are not from God. 2 John 1:9. They are not bringing you the message from the throne of God. “For Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness.” 2 Corinthians 11:14, 15.


So, does the message from your pulpit, minister, pastor, priest or denomination sound familiar? The same sly, “loving”, “kind” and emotional “feel good” attitude is being used in our churches today. That is how Lucifer got 1/3 of the angels to fall with him. Through “love”. That is what you hear in the churches today, “All we need is love.” No my friend, all you need is obedience. That is what proves your love. Without obedience, you have no “love”. Your choice. You can follow Lucifer or Jesus. Both teach “love”, however, both “loves” go in two different directions. The “love” of Lucifer and the churches of this world will take you to eternal death. The “love” of Jesus will bring you to the foot of the cross in humble obedience to His Law of Love. It will bring you to obedience to Jesus. “Whoever has My commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves Me.” John 14:21. Whoever does not love Me does not keep My words. John 14:24.