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The Denial

John: The Renewal


My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

About four thousand years had gone by since Adam and Eve rebelled against the Law of God. The prophecy given by Jesus to Adam and Eve has now come true. The plan of salvation, laid before the creation of the world, was foretold by Jesus: “I’ll place hostility between you and the woman, between your offspring and her offspring. He’ll strike you on the head, and you’ll strike him on the heel.” Genesis 3:15. This prophecy was no accident. It didn’t just “fall into place”. Jesus was willing to suffer the cruelty of man to save man. The “hostility between you and the woman” had now played out. The “woman”, the church of God throughout the ages, has always the object of Lucifer’s hostility. The true offspring of that church has always refused the advances of the “father of lies”. He has always been “nipping” at our heels, causing us as much trouble as he can. And why on our “heels”? Because a true Christian has always got his back to Lucifer and his temptations. He is always running away from them. However, on this Sabbath, in obedience to the Commandment that the “father of lies” hates so much, Jesus struck him on the head. Lucifer now understood that he would eventually have to die - eternally.

After Adam and Eve sinned, it took about 1500 years for their progeny to become so rebellious against God’s law that He had to destroy the world’s population. There were not enough people living in obedience to the Law of God to hold back the tide of evil. Without Jesus stepping in and wiping out the wicked, the knowledge of the love of God and His plan to save the world would have been wiped from the face of the earth. Without God’s Law of Love in the heart, man’s sinful heart is wicked. The destruction, death, pain and turmoil caused by wicked hearts had to be wiped from the earth. A few years prior to the flood, God translated Enoch to heaven in order to encourage the few who were left of the true Church of God. They needed to know and understand that heaven is a reality.

Within another 400 years man again set in motion a scheme whereby all inhabitants of the earth would be enslaved in wickedness. The majority of the earth had again rebelled against God and were planning to reach up and pull Him down from His throne in heaven. God didn’t wait for them to “reach” Him, He came down to investigate and then knocked down their “staircase to heaven” and scattered them in order to keep His love and knowledge alive upon the earth.

After scattering the inhabitants of the earth, Jesus called Abraham to keep His loving commands alive on the earth. Abraham obeyed God and accepted the great honor of restoring the Ten Commandments to the world. He commanded his children and grandchildren to live in obedience to God’s Ten Commandments. They kept God’s loving commandments alive in the world for about another 700 years.

By the time of the Israelites’ “Exodus” from Egypt, the Israelites had well nigh forgotten the Ten Commandments, since they had only been verbally transmitted down through the ages from Adam. Generation after generation, from Adam to Joseph, had attempted to keep the Ten Commandments alive in their children. However, the enslavement of the Israelites to the Egyptians almost obliterated the Ten Commandments from the earth. Jesus called the Israelites out from Egypt in order to preserve the Ten Commandments in the hearts of humanity, not through oral transmission alone, but now through written transmission. Having written His Father’s Ten Commandments with His own finger, Jesus personally handed them to Moses to be kept for all generations. From it, generation after generation would be able to copy and disseminate His Law of love to the world.

Approximately 600 years later, Lucifer had so infiltrated the church that the Law of God was again almost eradicated. The religious institutions had so perverted them, very few were able to understand their practical application to the life. The church systems, traditions and ceremonies had become more important than the keeping of the Ten Commandments. Wickedness was once again wiping out God’s Law of love. God sent Elijah to wake the people up and once again restore the Law of God to its rightful place. Then, because the people were becoming weary of looking for the “Lamb of God” to come, Jesus took Elijah to Heaven in order to once again remind the people that there is a Heaven to win and an eternal death to avoid.

But the effects were not sustainable in the human heart. 250 years later Jesus had to destroy Jerusalem since they had rebelled so deeply against His laws. The people were not satisfied with the simple Law of Love, the Ten Commandments. The church wanted the pagan rites, rituals and entertainments to be added to their temple rituals and ceremonies. “Doing” church activities were far more satisfying than living the perfect, sinless and commandment keeping life God required.

70 years later Jesus allowed the Jews to begin rebuilding the temple. This time, though, the temple and the nation of Israel were far reduced from their former glory. Jesus was hoping that the history of their rebellions, and the consequences, would lead the people to a repentance that would be heartfelt, sincere and lasting. But it never took hold. The people refused the high honor of representing God in a world of wickedness. They became even more wicked by building up walls of separation from the world. The Light of the Law of Love that was to be radiated to the world had been covered over with the darkness of self-righteousness, church traditions and ceremonies. Man-made rules and opinions took the place of God’s simple rules of righteousness. There was no one left in the world Jesus could depend on to reveal His Royal Law.

500 years later Jesus came to show the world how easy it is to keep the Royal Law. He came to show the world the glory, the beauty and the joy of serving His Father through obedience to His Ten Commandments. Jesus wanted the world to know that real peace, joy, happiness and eternal life could only be found through the keeping of the Ten Commandments. He came proclaiming a Law of Love that we must live perfectly and sinlessly in order to be accepted by the Father. But the church, His people, refused to accept such simplicity and killed Him. Their temple operations brought in too much money, fame, honor and glory for them to give it up for such simplicity.

Now, in honor of, and in obedience to the Father and His Ten Commandments, Jesus sleeps in the tomb. He lived in perfect obedience to the Father in order that the world might learn how to live. It was time for a renewal of God’s Ten Commandments.

John 20:1 to John 21:25

On the first day of the week, early in the morning and while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and noticed that the stone had been removed from the tomb

It was now Sunday morning and Jesus had slept over the Sabbath in obedience to the Ten Commandments. Upon obedience to His Father’s call, Jesus got up and walked out of the tomb to continue His work in obedience to the Ten Commandments. The 4th commandment states that we have six days to do our work, but on the Seventh day we are to rest from our labors. Therefore, Jesus did just that. He rested over the Seventh-day Sabbath and rose to work on Sunday, the first day of the week.

So she ran off and went to Simon Peter and the other disciple, whom Jesus kept loving. She told them, “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we don’t know where they have put him!” 

There are many poor souls sitting in church mourning the “death” of Jesus in their own lives. They go to church, but they have no relationship with a living Jesus. The church system, with its “antichrist” activities, have separated church members from their Friend Jesus. The churches stand “in the place of” Jesus. The members run off to their pastors, their leaders and other members crying out, “They have taken the Lord and I don’t know where they have put Him!” Hearts are yearning for Jesus, but the church system has buried Him under a mountain of rubbish.

So Peter and the other disciple took off for the tomb.  The two of them were running together, but the other disciple ran faster than Peter and came to the tomb first. 

Many run to the ceremonies of the church. They run to Easter pageants, Christmas pageants, feast days, holy days and other pagan rituals and traditions, but Jesus isn’t there.

Bending over to look inside, he noticed the linen cloths lying there but didn’t go in.  At this point Simon Peter arrived, following him, and went straight into the tomb. He observed that the linen cloths were lying there, and that the handkerchief that had been on Jesus’ head was not lying with the linen cloths but was rolled up in a separate place. Then the other disciple, who arrived at the tomb first, went inside, looked, and believed. 

Many who are going to church ceremonies, pageants, rituals, traditions, holy days and festivals are beginning to recognize the fact that Jesus is not in them. Their souls are beginning to be renewed and they want Jesus, not the old rolled up linen cloths of church activities.

For they did not yet understand the Scripture that said that Jesus had to rise from the dead.  So the disciples went back to their homes. 

Church members have never been taught to study Scripture for themselves, therefore, they do not yet understand by Scripture. It is good to leave your dead, tomb-like church and go back home and study Scripture for yourself.

Meanwhile, Mary stood crying outside the tomb. As she cried, she bent over and looked into the tomb. 

Again, many are looking into the dead, Christ-empty churches and crying. They want Jesus, but the churches are empty of Jesus and have nothing for them. They long for Jesus.

She saw two angels in white clothes who were sitting down, one at the head and the other at the foot of the place where Jesus’ body had been lying.  They asked her, “Lady, why are you crying?” She told them, “Because they have taken away my Lord, and I don’t know where they have put him.” 

The churches truly have taken away the Lord, and the members do not know where He has been taken. Churches are asking why some of their members are crying. They can’t imagine anyone wanting anything else but the church. The churches and denominations only want to use the name of Jesus to enhance their power, ego and prestige. But they don’t want a living Jesus in their church. He would do to their churches as He did to His temple, cast out the moneychangers and everything else that has turned churches into moneymaking businesses.

After she had said this, she turned around and noticed Jesus standing there, without realizing that it was Jesus. 

Many are turning around going to their friends and strangers but they yet don’t realize that Jesus is standing there beside them, waiting for them to recognize His voice through His Word. Worldly activities and the sorrows of life have blinded their eyes to Jesus.

Jesus asked her, “Dear lady, why are you crying? Who are you looking for?” Thinking he was the gardener, she told him, “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will take him away.” 

Jesus wants to know why you are crying. He is alive and standing by your side. He wants you to recognize Him as a living Jesus, not a dead, sit-in-a-church Jesus. He is alive and wants to be in your life. All you have to do is listen to Him and Him alone. Go stand quietly with your Bible, in prayer, pouring out your soul to Him and you will hear Him.

Jesus told her, “Mary!” She turned around and told him in Hebrew, “Rabbouni!” (which means “Teacher”). 

As you read your Bible, listen carefully to the words of Jesus. If you do, you also will turn away from your dead, empty church to Him and recognize His voice as your only “Teacher”. When you recognize that Jesus and Jesus only is to be your “Teacher” and not the church, then you will be sent on missions for Jesus. He wants you to be His missionary, carrying the good news that Jesus is to be found, not in a church, but in your life, directing you, walking and talking with you. We cannot keep Jesus tied up in a church linen cloth, or hold Him in our own dead lives. No, we must become new lives and share the risen Lord with everyone we come in contact with. We must do what Jesus commands and “go”.

Jesus told her, “Don’t hold on to me, because I have not yet ascended to the Father. But go to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’”  So Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord!” She also told them what he had told her.

Have you “seen the Lord”? Maybe that is why you have nothing to say. You have been sitting in a dead, empty church looking at dead bones instead of out announcing to the world “I have seen the Lord” in your own life. Has Jesus talked to you today? Every day Jesus is busy talking to me, sharing with me and directing me so I can share with the world what “I have seen”. Go and let the world know that “I have seen the Lord” and then tell them what you have heard and seen from Jesus.

It was the evening of the first day of the week, and the doors of the house where the disciples had met were locked because they were afraid of the Jews.

How many are sitting in their “locked-up” lives because they are afraid of the world and its churches. What do you have to be afraid of? Jesus is alive. He has conquered death. Even if you should be killed sharing a living Jesus, you have eternal life. Are you so concerned about this life that you are afraid to stand with Jesus?

Jesus came and stood among them. He told them, “Peace be with you.” 

Jesus is ready now to stand among you and give you His peace. But to accept His peace you must accept His life. You must get out of your church and go to Jesus and listen to Him. He will show you His sacrifice for you and then you will know how much He loves you and you will be overjoyed.

After saying this, he showed them his hands and his side, and when they saw the Lord the disciples were overjoyed.  Jesus told them again, “Peace be with you. Just as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” 

“Just as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.”  Jesus was sent by the Father to a lost and dying world. He was sent to take any and all abuse in order to show His Father’s love. Are you willing and ready to accept His commission for you? Where have you been sharing the great news to those who are lost and abusing you?

When he had said this, he breathed on them and told them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.  If you forgive people’s sins, they are forgiven. If you retain people’s sins, they are retained.” 

If you are ready to live as Jesus commands, and going where He commands, Jesus is ready to breath His Spirit on you. He did to me, and through His Spirit He dictated and directed the book, “Change Your Life Biblically”. To receive the Holy Spirit of God is to forgive people of their sins to you. In order to have your sins forgiven, you must forgive them of theirs. But if you don’t forgive them, then you are retaining their sins in your life and Jesus can’t save you.

Thomas, one of the Twelve (called the Twin), wasn’t with them when Jesus came.  So the other disciples kept telling him, “We have seen the Lord!” But he told them, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands, put my finger into them, and put my hand into his side, I will never believe!” 

There are many who have not and will not believe because they have not been with you and Jesus. They need to “see” the marks of your obedience to Jesus in your life; to put their hands into your relationship with Jesus. Don’t give up. Keep sharing with them. Show them the joy of your relationship with Jesus. Show them the renewal of your life after giving it to Jesus.

A week later his disciples were again inside, and Thomas was with them. Even though the doors were shut, Jesus came, stood among them, and said, “Peace be with you.”

The disciples were not “in church”. These were people who had come out of the church since the church was not able to share their joy. They truly believed in Jesus and wanted to tell the world of Him. If you are meeting with people who are living as Jesus commands, sharing His truth with each other, encouraging each other to continue in obedience to Jesus, then Jesus will come and stand among you. But if all you are doing is going to church, listening to a man blather on and on with absolutely no relationship with Jesus, you and your church will be burned up.

Then he told Thomas, “Put your finger here, and look at my hands. Take your hand, and put it into my side. Stop doubting, but believe.” 

When you see the pain, torture and persecution Jesus went through for you, your heart will be humbled. You will never again go sit in a church wasting God’s time, resources and money. You will stop doubting and be willing to believe and sacrifice everything you have as Jesus did for you.

Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!” 

You will get out of your church, fall at the feet of Jesus and exclaim, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus, not the church, will be Lord of your life. You will obey Jesus and Jesus only. Since Jesus never commanded you to go to church or to debate “doctrine” or gossip about the church, leaders and other members, you can never again return to church. You must be living the perfect, sinless and commandment keeping life in order to get your eternal life.

Jesus told him, “Is it because you have seen me that you have believed? How blessed are those who have never seen me and yet have believed!”

Those going to church have never seen Jesus. How can they believe? You need to go and tell them that Jesus is alive and wants to renew their souls with His Spirit. Their lives can become vibrant, happy and full of blessings. We must pity people who have never seen Jesus. All they have seen is church. So, as you show them your love and belief in Jesus, they in turn will have an opportunity to find Jesus in you.

My sister, who lives 20 minutes away, finally came to visit, after about four years, and brought me some cookies. How nice. She is a church member of a church that goes to church on the Sabbath. So she is very proud of herself for being “saved” in the church. The whole time she was here she talked about how people thought she was a big shot in the church because her grandson plays baseball for some university of California. How her granddaughter is becoming a nurse. How she is so blessed, even though she has been sick for 14 years and dying. But not once did she care about serving Jesus, asking about the ministry or the work I do bringing people to Jesus. Her children and grandchildren all belong to Sunday pagan churches. They are all involved in the world. They are all lost unless they turn their lives over to Jesus. But the worldly churches are so involved in the world, living for Jesus is simply a “belief”, not an act of obedience that Jesus commands. To my sister, worldly blessings are blessings from God. She praised the doctors and medical institutions for “saving” her. She does not care to live as Jesus commands. She has church. She would be healed if she would read and obey the book “Change Your Life Biblically”.

Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples that are not recorded in this book. But these have been recorded so that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and so that through believing you may have life in his name. 

Jesus will preform many signs in your life if you will become one of His disciples. He does for me every day. The Bible was written “so that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah”. Will you give Him your heart? Will you stop burying Him in a very small corner of your heart? Let Him out and let Him fill the whole heart. Stop looking at the world. Stop looking at the church. They have nothing to offer. They will soon be taken away. If you believe that Jesus is the Messiah, then you will obey Him as the Messiah. Only a righteous, perfect and sinless character will be saved. How is your character?

Later on, Jesus revealed himself again to the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias. This is what happened: Simon Peter, Thomas (called the Twin), Nathaniel from Cana in Galilee, the sons of Zebedee, and two of his other disciples were together.  Simon Peter told them, “I’m going fishing.” They all told him, “We’ll go with you, too.” So they went out and got into the boat but didn’t catch a thing that night. 

I am sure fishing was simply a “habit” while they talked about Jesus and His life. They were aimless at this time and did not know what else to do. Fishing was an old habit and a way to pass the time while they waited for Jesus to give them their marching orders. I am sure they were reminiscing over the last three and a half years and trying to figure it all out. What would happen to them now? How would they support their families? So few believed. They were now the “outcasts”. However, because they were spending their time talking about Jesus, and not the world or their business of “catching fish”, Jesus revealed Himself to them.
Just as dawn was breaking, Jesus stood on the shore. The disciples didn’t realize it was Jesus. 

How often I have been so involved in my work, I did not realize Jesus was standing only a few yards away. He was there all the time, I just “drifted” away in my little “boat” of work and thoughts.

Jesus asked them, “Children, you don’t have any fish, do you?” They answered him, “No.”  He told them, “Throw the net on the right hand side of the boat, and you’ll catch some.” So they threw it out and were unable to haul it in because it was so full of fish. 

But when I wake up and stop drifting, focus on the duties and responsibilities that Jesus has given me, all is well. The failure of the “catch” becomes a success under His direction. How often I feel like a failure in this ministry. So few donors, so few funds to meet all the needs. But when the mail comes and I read letters from inmates whose lives are being changed, I feel like the work of “fishing” is successful.

That disciple whom Jesus kept loving told Peter, “It’s the Lord!” When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put his clothes back on, because he was practically naked, and jumped into the sea.  But the other disciples came in the boat, dragging the net full of fish. They were only about a hundred yards away from the shore. 

Taking our worldly things, trinkets, work, family, relationships and everything else to Jesus is no sacrifice. God will only improve them if we trust them to Him. When we come to the end of our “rope” and think the net will break, just trust and obey, doing as Jesus has commanded, and all will be well.

When they arrived at the shore, they saw a charcoal fire with fish lying on it, and some bread.  Jesus told them, “Bring me some of the fish you’ve just caught.” 

Jesus didn’t show off His fish baking abilities. He didn’t show of His fire making abilities. He invited the disciples to bring some of the fish they had just caught. Jesus wants to use what we have in our lives and use it for the good of all around us. Don’t be selfish, don’t be prideful, don’t try to show off what you have done, simply give it all to Jesus and let Him use it. He will bless it and multiply it and use it for the good of everyone.

It has been 21 years now since the Lord called me to this ministry. I had nothing when He called me, and I still have nothing. However, the infrastructure needed to fulfill my calling has grown with each step. He has provided just what has been needed to do the work. I am astonished at how this ministry has continued for so long. But then again, “Is the Lord’s arm too short”? Of course not.

So Simon Peter went aboard and dragged the net ashore. It was full of large fish—153 of them. And although there were so many of them, the net was not torn.  Then Jesus told them, “Come, have breakfast.” Now none of the disciples dared to ask him, “Who are you?”, because they knew it was the Lord.  Jesus took the bread, gave it to them, and did the same with the fish. This was now the third time that Jesus revealed himself to the disciples after he had been raised from the dead. 

Have you had “breakfast” with Jesus lately? You need to slow down, drop your “busy” schedule and make time for Jesus in the morning. Get up earlier if you have to. But whatever you have to do, don’t waste any time. Time is running out. You need to sit down with Jesus and spend time listening to Him and Him alone. Take your Bible and start from the beginning. Slowly, read each word and meditate on it until the Spirit of God fixes the meaning in your mind and heart. When you have finished reading the whole Bible through, do it again, and again, and again . . .

When they had finished breakfast, Jesus asked Simon Peter, “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?”

Out of all the disciples, only Peter had verbally denied Jesus. He had loved himself too much to take the insults that were being thrown at Jesus. But now, after seeing what Jesus had gone through for Him:

Peter told him, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.”Jesus told him, “Feed my lambs.” 

How many have denied Jesus in their lives. Many of us have been to prison. We have lived for church and the world, but not for Jesus. We have denied Him by making the church, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, money, work and thousands of other things our “god”. We may be ashamed to look Jesus in the eyes after all the denials in our lives. But if we will come back to Jesus, surrendering everything to Him, He will freely pardon and take us back. He holds no grudges, no vendetta and no vengeance. All He wants from you is your trust and obedience. Then you can feed His lambs. And by the way, He even provides the food to feed the lambs.

Then he asked him a second time, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” Peter told him, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.”

The other disciples knew of the denial. They knew Peter had denied Jesus three times while Jesus was suffering for them. They had grown up in the church and knew what the church would do. After all, they had seen the church throw out a blind man made well, a cripple cured and a woman caught in adultery. They themselves had been hated and hunted by the church. What would Jesus do to Peter?

Jesus told him, “Take care of my sheep.” 

Unfortunately, churches think “sheep” belong to them. They do not realize that sheep belong to Jesus. He died for them. We are only the “undershepherds” taking care of God’s sheep as if Jesus were here Himself. We are not to take the praise, glory or honor for “taking care of My sheep”. They don’t belong to us. Every inmate who writes me I recognize as a sheep of Jesus and it is my duty to feed that sheep and point to Jesus; not to me. This ministry simply “ministers” in the name of Jesus to every sin sick soul.

He asked him a third time, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” Peter was deeply hurt that he had asked him a third time, “Do you love me?” So he told him, “Lord, you know everything. You know that I love you!” Jesus told him, “Feed my sheep.

Have you pointed fingers at the sheep of Jesus? Have you scattered the sheep of Jesus? Do you take them to another sheep pen called “church”? Do you scold them, whip them, shear them for your own “profit”? Or do you bind up their wounds, feed them, give them drink and love them as Jesus did? Can you forgive as Jesus did?

“Truly, I tell you with certainty, when you were young, you would fasten your belt and go wherever you liked. But when you get old, you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will fasten your belt and take you where you don’t want to go.” 

If you will serve the sheep of God, you also will walk as Jesus walked and go where He went. You also will stretch out your hands, first in love to all of God’s lost sheep and then to give your life for them.

Now he said this to show by what kind of death he would glorify God. After saying this, Jesus told him, “Keep following me.” 

We are not to follow church. We are not to follow our pastors. Please don’t follow me or this ministry. I simply stand as a trail sign pointing you to Jesus. Stay on the narrow trail and keep your eyes on Jesus and keep walking towards him. Bypass the broad way of churches, pastors and denominations. Bypass the “Christian” media, magazines and entertainment. Listen to Jesus and Jesus only. Don’t worry what others are doing. Just because they want to go to church and be burned up with the crowd, what is that to you? Jesus walked alone. Can you follow His example?

Peter turned around and noticed the disciple whom Jesus kept loving following them. He was the one who had put his head on Jesus’ chest at the supper and had asked, “Lord, who is the one who is going to betray you?”  When Peter saw him, he said, “Lord, what about him?” 

Paul tells us not to compare ourselves among ourselves. Yet, that is what churches do. Church members look at each other and judge themselves by those in church or those outside of church. Church members love pointing fingers, gossiping, judging and making themselves look better than others. Are not church members always digging into the lives of others, wanting to know about them? After all, that is the purpose of church. “Our church is better than your church!” Right? If not, why are you in your church? Go sit in a Catholic Church or a Mormon church.

Jesus told him, “If it is my will for him to remain until I come back, how does that concern you? You must keep following me!” 

Each one of us is responsible to Jesus individually. I am responsible to serve you and point you to Jesus. But your salvation is not in a church or what denomination you belong to or what pastor you follow. Your salvation is between you and Jesus alone. All I can do is share with you the teachings of Jesus and what He commands. What you do with it is up to you. Nothing of this world can get you into heaven. Not even Jesus. Only you can get yourself into heaven by obedience to Jesus. All who refuse to be obedient to Jesus will be destroyed.

So the rumor spread among the brothers that this disciple wasn’t going to die. Yet Jesus didn’t say to Peter that he wasn’t going to die, but, “If it is my will for him to remain until I come back, how does that concern you?” 

Don’t let what others think concern you. You concern yourself only with what Jesus thinks of you. That is all you need to worry about. When Jesus comes back He will judge you by what you have done, not by the church you attended. So look to your Saviour and make sure you are following Him and Him alone in obedience to everything He commands you to do.

This is the disciple who is testifying to these things and has written them down. We know that his testimony is true. Of course, Jesus also did many other things, and I suppose that if every one of them were written down the world couldn’t contain the books that would be written. 


Prison Mission Report

I was given your ministry as a resource to receive Christian books, literature or study material at no cost to inmates. Any reading material based on God’s Word will be a tremendous blessing to me. Also, to others here that I can share with.
Jorge, CA

Dear JCPM,
I thank you immensely for blessing me with an issue of “Introductory Issue” AND “2nd Peter’s 8 Steps”. In this letter I am requesting “Change Your life Biblically” and also, I was wondering what I have to do to be put on your monthly newsletter service? Do you have pen-pals available? Thank you for taking consideration to my letter and thank you Ron for your hard work, determination, service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And truly, for you testimony. You truly have given me a better understanding of what it is to be a true believer. You have helped solidify my faith in believing in God.

Now, What I have learned from “2nd Peter’s 8 Steps”. First and foremost, I learned that faith is not a “belief” but an “act”. I liked the way you described the Bible as being like a jigsaw puzzle and needing to put all the pieces together. I learned that you have to earn the right to eternal life. This whole time I thought all I have to do is believe Jesus Christ died for our sins and now I’m forgiven. That all I have to do is say “I believe” and I’ll go to heaven. I truly thank you for all the Bible versus you used to verify your teachings. But I also appreciate the way you explained things using situations which we are familiar with and can relate to which helped me to have a better understanding that I’m not the only one who feels a certain way or any different than what a lot of “baby Christians” experience. I would beat myself up or feel like “The Walk” was hopeless because “I” couldn’t change my ways or my thinking. This study thoroughly helped me to understand that there are steps to my walk and that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me. I yearn to be yoked with Jesus daily and following the Ten Commandments. I have to tell you, for a moment I was confused because you explained, “Christianity is pure and simple. Just helping all who are around us regardless of race, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation,” your neighbor is all and we are under the command to Jesus to do good to all. I was a bit confused because the world had me thinking otherwise and they used the Bible to support their beliefs. Yet in Jesus, Christ hates the wickedness of sin, not the sinner. I opened my arms to all, believing in my heart I am no one to judge the next person and I thank you for helping me to have an understanding and more knowledge of that matter. I was also confused of the title “Christian”, but I am pleased to know what a true Christian is today. I am working on my steps today, tomorrow and always to be a true Christian. Thank you for this Bible study.
Mike, CA

Dear Brother Ron,
Thanks for all that you have been doing and for sending the book to my son. I am keeping him in my prayers hoping that God would wake him up. Also, thanks for sending the books. This compound has about 80% old folks, over 59 years of age. However, in two dorms there are younger inmates who have short time, 5 years or less, and they are the ones I really want to reach. They are between 19 and 35 years old. I usually attend AA. There are usually around 80 to 90 in attendance. Just recently lots of younger inmates started to attend so I am arming myself to get names for their “Change Your Life Biblically”. I have to put forth more effort. This Thursday I am going to see how many names I am going to get to send you. Two of the young inmates received their books and are very excited. I pray that it will be a start for them. That it will also encourage others to send on their own for the books.
Cameron, FL

Someone shot me a pamphlet you wrote with your story in it and also the “2nd Peter’s 8 Steps”. I was feeling what you’re talking about. For real. More than once you described me perfectly. I’m in prison for murder. I’ve been locked up since 2005. This is my 3rd time down. To say I’m sick of it all is an understatement. I was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas for a long time. I’ve been in segregation for 10 years. I quit the gang and I am trying to get back into the general population. I’m working on turning my life around, but man, it’s hard! Anger, discontentment and habitual unforgivingness are really making me miserable I feel like I fail everyday. It sucks! The truth is, I want more than anything to Change My Life Biblically. But I feel like I’m in the mud and my wheels are just spinning. If you can, would you please send me your book, “Change Your Life Biblically”.
Shane, TX

My name is Teri. I’d like a “Change Your Life Biblically”. I’d be very grateful. A fellow inmate has one and kind of told me your story. It definitely appealed to me. I’m not only ready, but I need to make a change. Thank you so much.
Teri, IN

Dear Brother in Christ,
I am writing on behalf of myself and another brother in Christ that is in my dorm. Last year a brother named Victor, who passed away in his sleep, gave me a booklet with the “Change Your Life Biblically” inside. I let someone read it, I can’t remember who, but I gave one of the flyers to the brother Trevor and I thought that he mailed it, but he never did. It is my sincere hope that we will be able to receive the “Change Your Life Biblically” workbook. I believe that it would be a great help for us to learn more about God’s Word. We look forward to hearing from you.
Donald and Trevor, NY

Brother Ron,
I first want to say that I pray that the Lord keeps blessing you and your wonderful ministry so that you can continue helping inmates who are in prison understand Christ and His will for us a lot easier. Because of what God blessed you with, I now come to understand the Bible so much clearer now. After reading your book four times, I come to realize that I’m not as right with God as I thought I was. But because your book helped me to see this, I can now work on those places of my life and relationships with God so I can be with my Father in Heaven. I know I am not perfect, but I also know that I don’t have to go on sinning any more, either. I know I will hold your book along with the Bible close to my heart. As long as it is with me, I know that I am accepted by God through His Son’s eyes. I got a 26 to 53 year sentence. I accept this mission if that means staying in prison and preaching and telling other inmates what Christ has done for me and bringing them to Christ, then I will accept this gladly. I know my faith for Him runs deeper than the oceans. I read the book 3 times before doing this answer sheet. The fourth time I answered the questions and highlighted things in the book that spoke to me and that I thought was very important and that I still needed to work on. I promise you, I answered these questions to the best of my ability.
Christian, PA

Dear Ron,
Thank you for offering this correspondence course. It was very challenging and I have learned a lot from it. I hope that I have learned the teachings well enough to have earned a certificate of completion. I know that this would make my family very happy because it will be proof that I am very serious about giving my life to Jesus so that I may obey His Commandments so that I may have a better life now and eternal life with my loved ones someday. I appreciate all of the time and effort that you put into this prison Ministry. I hope that you are helping to lead many people to obey the 10 Commandments so that they may earn eternal life in the New Earth to come. Thank you again for your ministry.
Jeremy, OH

Dear JCPM,
I was walking towards this desk were people put books, papers, etc., when they get done with them and they don’t want them anymore. I found your newsletter. I don’t know who gets it here, but I didn’t think it was me who found it. I was led to the table by God. I believe this didn’t just happen without God’s help. I read a little bit of it and I found the “Change Your Life Biblically”. I noticed you provide Bible studies and pen-pals. I would love it if you would allow me to do your Bible studies. I would also love to become a subscriber to your ministry.
Kyle, IA

Dear JCPM,
May I please get a copy of your book, “Change Your Life Biblically”? A good friend in Christ just got a copy on my row and has told me all about it. I pray I can get one. I’m a true follower of Christ and love to study.
Thomas, TX

Dear Brother in Christ,
I have just completed your study course and I felt compelled to share some things I have learned as well as about myself. I was pleasantly surprised at the insight contained in the book. I for one appreciate a hands-on approach to knowing Christ. I like my information presented accurately and directly. You have accomplished this task. I have done many Bible study correspondence courses and the majority of them are just a reprinting of the same information over and over. They help me to stay close to the Lord, but not in the way I am looking for. By nature, I like to look at things from all angles and not just one point of view. In your study, I was presented with views that are uncharacteristic of anything I have read before. Thank you! I do agree, strongly, that the Catholic Church is a front for something very evil. I think it only takes a little common sense to see that the teachings of that church are not based solely on the teachings of Christ. It seems that through their teachings I must attain a certain social status to be accepted not only into their fold, but into heaven itself. Insanity! There are many other things you mention about that subject I agree with, but suffice it to say, I believe in what you are writing and I am relieved that I am not alone.
Jeffrey, WI

Dear Brother Ron,
I have a friend that has your book, “Change Your Life Biblically”. I read a little bit and liked what I’ve read. I would like to read the whole book. Could you please send me a book for myself?
Lyle, CA

Excuse me sir, I’m writing this letter in hopes that you can send me the “Change Your Life Biblically” book. I don’t have any money to send you. But I want your book. It explains things to me about the Bible that when I read the Bible I have a hard time understanding. I just had the chance of flipping through the book when my old cellie Danny showed it to me. He is now out of jail and free again. I’m fighting a life sentence. I want a chance. I need a change in my life. I need God. So, if you can send me your book, I would really appreciate it.
Daniel, CA

To Whom It May Concern,
Well, I don’t know where to start, but I’ll start off by introducing myself. My name is Benjamin. I’m being held for burglary and grand theft charge that I had received back in 2009. Really stupid, now that I think back on it. Any ways, I’m 36 years old and I’ve lost about anything and everyone that has mattered to me. This is my 4th time back here and this time I’m trying to find the Lord. It is hard to do so. I really don’t know where to start. I try to read the Bible, but lose interest in it fast. There are so many questions and such I don’t understand or where to ask to get the answers. My life is a mess and I’m hoping this time I’m able to get out and succeed in my recovery and sobriety.
Benjamin, ID

Dear Ron,
Brother, I’m currently reading “Change Your Life Biblically” for the second time and I feel blessed to have been introduced to the ministry. Thank you! I have been believing differently than the “church” does for over 4 years now. It was so frustrating to defend my beliefs (beliefs which you have confirmed to me in this book) to those Christians ingrained in the church. It’s like people only believe what they want to, as long as it is comfortable. Nevertheless, your workbook has given me confirmation and a renewed hope that there is a true remnant obeying God. This book is opening many doors for ministering to those around me. I’m in no rush to send my answer sheets as I’m wanting (needing) to get all of this information saturated within myself before sending them. In the meantime, here are a few brothers and sisters who are needing the workbook.
Touncie, KY

Dear JCPM,
I am currently serving my fifth term in two different states. I cannot seem to grasp what it takes to shake the chains of my addiction and confinements. I am in prison whether in prison or not. And to tell the truth, I am worse off out there than I ever am in here, and that is sad. I am a father of a beautiful 7 year old who has known very little of her daddy. I saw a pamphlet with your info and address talking about the “Change Your Life Biblically” book. I am ready to try anything that can bring me to a better understanding of God and my purpose here.
James, CA

I came across one of your “Change Your Life Biblically” books. So I browsed through it and found it very interesting. I’ve been a struggling Christian for quite sometime now. I read the Bible, but to be truthful, I would like to know more about it. And I think your book would help me do that. So, if possible, can you please send me a copy of your book and any other reading material you may have to help me learn more of the Bible and bring me closer in my relationship with the Lord.
Jason, CA

One of my brothers in Christ has your “Change Your Life Biblically”. I really like it and would like one for myself in case he leaves. If you could send me one, it would be highly appreciated.
Mark, CA

Myself and my wife have been drug addicts for a long while and realize we needed a change in our lives. So naturally, I picked up a Bible and started to read it. Now, myself and my wife have been clean for 5 months and plan on staying clean. We no longer feel the addiction monkey on our backs. Since we’ve been locked up, we’ve been trying to focus on God and His Word alone to help us through this situation. A fellow inmate here had your book, “Change Your Life Biblically”. The stuff in it jumped off the page. It really helped. I am writing you because I have no outside help to lean on for anything. I am extremely anxious about receiving a copy of your book, “Change Your Life Biblically”.
Tim, CA

You’ve probably corresponded with hundreds, if not thousands of people, since I last wrote. I apologize for the gap in correspondence. My mind got the better of me these last few months. The other night while lying on my bunk, wallowing in my sorrow, the persistent idea kept coming into my mind that I needed to send you $30. I got carried away passing time and not doing it. I am working on getting back on track. The Lord’s needs are many and we are His body. I have every intention of sending you a written report of all the book CYLB has taught me. But I want to know the material well enough to share it before I do that.
Jessica, ID

Well, it has been awhile since I have written. I hope all is well with you. I’m sorry to hear about rebel. Can’t be easy losing a friend who has been with you this long. Most people would say he was just a dog, but I know first hand how close we can get to them. I wanted to thank you for letting me write Barbara through you, that’s pretty awesome. You know, it seems like yesterday I was sending off for your book. The title is truth. That book set the foundation of my study of not only history but the Bible in general. I’m truly in love with the Word of God today. I know I have a long ways to go before I’m where God would have me, but I’m so far from who I once was.
Aubrey, KY


Testimony for God's People

My Dear Family in Christ,

Let us listen to the voice of God as He talks to this “Dear Brother”. Have we been truly converted? Or are we just playing the church game? God is not a fool. Those who try to play Him will find their game played out at the end.

Dear Brother (of the church),

In the last view given I was shown that you do not understand yourself. You have a work to do for yourself which no one can do for you. Your experience in the truth is short, and you have not been thoroughly converted. You place a higher estimate upon yourself than you will bear. I was pointed back to your past life. Your mind has not been elevated, but has dwelt upon subjects not calculated to lead to purity of action. You have had habits which were corrupt, and which have tainted your morals. You have been too familiar with the other sex, and have not possessed modesty of deportment. You would be well suited were there greater familiarity encouraged between men and women, (as the world believes). Your influence at “church” was not good. You were not a proper person for that place; your light and trifling conversation disqualified you to exert a good influence. The character of your music was not such as to encourage elevated thoughts or feelings, but rather to degenerate.

This counsel was given when the church was young, vibrant and more in line with Bible truth. And yet, we see the same characteristics in this one church member displayed in the majority of those who claim to be “Christian” and go to church today. “Your light and trifling conversation” does nothing to “exert a good influence” in the church or in the world. Folks, we must get out of the world and our churches in our thoughts, attitudes and mind-set. We are way too involved in this world and have no comprehension of the high calling Jesus has called us to.

For some weeks in the past your influence has been improving; but you lack firmness of principle. You are deficient in many things, and in some things you must know where you fail. The follies of your youth have left their impress upon you; you can never recover what you have lost through impure habits. These things have so benumbed your sensibilities that sacred things are not clearly discerned. You cannot, with your present experience, resist temptation. You cannot endure trials. You are not sanctified through the truth. You have taken hold of the truth, but it has not taken hold upon you to transform you by the renewing of your mind. You are a self-deceived man. Oh, do not, I entreat you, remain deceived in regard to your true condition! You have not felt deep conviction because of your sins, and in humility sought the Lord with anguish of heart that your transgressions might be blotted out. You could not see that your ways were so sinful before God. Therefore the work of reformation has not been wrought in your soul.
“You have taken hold of the truth, but it has not taken hold upon you to transform you by the renewing of your mind.”

This is the condition of most who go to church. They talk about the truth, have it well memorized and can point fingers at those who don’t know it. But the truth has not taken hold up their hearts. They know nothing of the transforming power of God in their lives. They still live in sin. Jesus has called us to be perfect, sinless and commandment keeping. But most go to church in their sins hoping the church will cover up their sins and make them look good to Jesus. Because the church has failed to teach us when we were youth, how to be holy, the church remains “deceived in regard to your true condition!” The church today has grown up on “saved by grace”, “can’t stop sinning” and “unconditional love of God” and therefor “the work of reformation has not been wrought in your soul.”

You have clothed yourself with a self-righteous garment to cover up the deformity of sin; but this is not the remedy. You know not what true conversion is. The old man is not dead in you. You have a form of godliness, but not the cleansing power of God. You can and do talk and write smoothly, and as far as your words go, they may possibly be correct; but the true language of the heart is not spoken. You are enough acquainted with yourself to know this. Your case is perilous; yet God pities you, and will save you if you fall all broken at His feet, feeling your impurity and vileness, your rottenness of soul, without the transforming power of God.

“You have clothed yourself with a self-righteous garment (of church) to cover up the deformity of sin; but this is not the remedy. This may be the last generation raised on planet Earth. I do not know of any church or family who is teaching the next generation to “fall all broken at His feet, feeling your impurity and vileness, your rottenness of soul, without the transforming power of God.” I understand now why there will only be 144,000 who will be going through the close of probation. All the other billions of “Christians” alive on the earth today will be destroyed. Why? Because they went to church without the transforming power of God in their lives. They knew Bible facts, but they did not live in Bible truth.

My brother, I do not wish to discourage you, but to lead you to investigate your motives and acts as in the light of eternity. Break away from Satan’s snare (the church). Do not, I beg of you, lead any person to think of you in a more elevated light than you can bear, for when this deception shall be removed, and your true self appear as you are, there will be a reaction. You do have convictions of the Spirit of God and feel the force of truth when you listen to it; but these sacred, softening impressions wear away, and you are a forgetful hearer. You are not established, strengthened, and settled in the truth. You have thought it best for your interest to adopt the truth, but you have not yet experienced its sanctifying influence. Now we would entreat of you, be not deceived, God is not mocked. It is not too late for you to become a Christian; but do not move by impulse. Weigh every move well, and deceive not your own soul. {2T 321-323}

I beg each of you not to delay this work of experiencing the sanctifying influence of obedience to Jesus to stop sinning, be perfect and to keep the Ten Commandments to get your eternal life. Soon it will be too late for you. Going to church does not make you a Christian, as this man was not. The Spirit of God will not always strive with you if you continue to go to church and think you are a “Christian”. Get out of your church, go home, fall on your knees and pray that God will reveal to you your sinful, wicked and filthy life. The world is repulsive to Jesus. Get out of it. Go to Jesus and lift your eyes off the worldly praise of men and live the humble, sinless, perfect life of Jesus.


Dear Brother and Sister (of the church),

Your late visit and conversation with us have suggested many thoughts, of which I cannot forbear placing a few upon paper. I was very sorry that (the orphan) had not carried himself correctly at all times; yet, when you consider, you cannot expect perfection in youth at his age. Children have faults, and they need a great deal of patient instruction.

Inmates are much like this orphan. They have been tossed about, neglected, abandoned and rejected by family and society. You cannot expect perfection from them in this condition. They must grow in grace and need a “great deal of patient instruction.” We all need to grow up into the perfection of Jesus. But it is a growth, not a sitting in church. Those going to church, claiming to be “mature” and know so much, than need to act like it by living the sinless, perfect and commandment keeping life. You cannot look down upon those who have not had the advantages of the life you have had and expect more of them than you yourself are living. God called this ministry to minister to inmates? Why? Because churches have rejected God and His truth. They are more concerned about what you eat, drink and wear, then how to love, forgive and bless. They are worse than inmates. In God’s eyes, inmates will be in heaven before church members.

That he should have feelings not always correct is no more than can be expected of a boy of his age. You must remember that he has no father or mother, no one to whom he can confide his feelings, his sorrows, and his temptations. Every person feels that he must have some sympathizer. This boy has been tossed about here and there, from pillar to post, and he may have many errors, many careless ways, with considerable independence, and he may lack reverence. But he is quite enterprising, and with right instruction and kind treatment, I have the fullest confidence that he would not disappoint our hopes, but would fully repay all the labor expended on him. Considering his disadvantages, I think he is a very good boy.

There are many a “very good boy” in prison waiting for someone to love him and care for him. Someone to instruct him and let him have the fullest confidence in that person. We must consider their disadvantages and point them to Jesus with our own hearts. Do you have an extra room you could give to an orphan, a ward of the state or a homeless person? What are you doing for Jesus besides sitting in church like a fool?

When we entreated you to take him we did it because we fully believed it was your duty and that in doing so you would be blessed. We did not expect that you would do this merely to be benefited by the help that you would receive from the boy, but to benefit him, to do a duty to the orphan—a duty which every true Christian should be seeking and anxiously watching to perform; a duty, a sacrificing duty, which we believed it would do you good to take up, if you did it cheerfully, with a view to being the instrument in the hands of God of saving a soul from the snares of Satan, of saving a son whose father devoted his precious life to pointing souls to the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world.

There are those who send their money to worldly non-profits who help the poor, help those who have been put out by disasters. But that is not for Christians. Let the world take care of their own. Christians are to take care of those who are “worthy”. This orphan boy was the son of a minister who had died in the work of God. His mother died being a blessing to others. It was the duty and obligation of the “church” to take him in and train him up in the way of the Lord. If you can’t do it personally, then put your money into those organizations that are “training up” the “orphans” to live the perfect, sinless and commandment keeping life. However, make sure they are not doing it for “profit” and personal glory. Too many get paid by the state to take in the “orphan”. But there is no heart in it. Make sure your money goes to those who get nothing out of it in this life.

From what was shown me, Sabbathkeeping Adventists have but a feeble sense of how large a place the world and selfishness hold in their hearts. If you have a desire to do good and glorify God, there are many ways in which you can do it. But you have not felt that this was the result of true religion. This is the fruit which every good tree will produce. You have not felt that it was required of you to be interested in others, to make their cases your own, and to manifest an unselfish interest for the very ones who stand most in need of help. You have not reached out to help the most needy, the most helpless. Had you children of your own to call into exercise care, affection, and love, you would not be so much shut up to yourselves and to your own interests. If those who have no children, and whom God has made stewards of means, would expand their hearts to care for children who need love, care, and affection, and assistance with this world’s goods, they would be far happier than they are today. So long as youth who have not a father’s pitying care nor a mother’s tender love are exposed to the corrupting influences of these last days, it is somebody’s duty to supply the place of father and mother to some of them. Learn to give them love, affection, and sympathy. All who profess to have a Father in heaven, who they hope will care for them and finally take them to the home He has prepared for them, ought to feel a solemn obligation resting upon them to be friends to the friendless and fathers to the orphans, to aid the widows, and be of some practical use in this world by benefiting humanity. Many have not viewed these things in a right light. If they live merely for themselves, they will have no greater strength than this calls for.

What truly breaks my heart is the statement, “Sabbathkeeping Adventists have but a feeble sense of how large a place the world and selfishness hold in their hearts.” The people raised up in Earth’s last hours have totally rejected the truth in their hearts. They live unto themselves and have shut the love of Jesus out of their churches, homes and denomination. God raised up this ministry to continue the work they were raised up to do in the 1800’s, but have failed to do. Time is short. We must change our rotten, selfish lives now, or it will be far too late if you wait.

The youth who are growing up among us are not cared for as they should be. Some of the brethren must have duties which they are not willing and ready to see and perform. The fear of inconveniencing themselves is a sufficient excuse for many. The day of God will reveal unfulfilled duties—souls lost because the selfish would not take pains to interest themselves in their behalf.

Ask for a case or two of books from us. Pass out the books God has dictated and directed for the salvation of souls today. If nothing else, what can you do to increase your love and care for this ministry so we can get the books out to inmates who are “souls lost because the selfish would not take pains to interest themselves in their behalf.” I am thankful for those few who are sacrificing so this ministry can accomplish the mission God has given it. Thank you! Inmates thank you.

I was shown that should professed Christians cultivate more affection and kind regard in caring for others, they would be repaid fourfold. God marks. He knows for what object we live, and whether our living is put to the very best account for poor, fallen humanity, or whether our eyes are eclipsed to everything but our own interest, and to everyone but our own poor selves. I entreat you, in behalf of Christ, in behalf of your own souls, and in behalf of the youth, not to think so lightly of this matter as many do. It is a grave, a serious thing, and affects your interest in the kingdom of Christ, inasmuch as the salvation of precious souls is involved. Why is it not a duty which God enjoins upon you who are able, to expend something for the benefit of the homeless, even though they may be ignorant and undisciplined? Shall you study to labor only in the direction where you will receive the most selfish pleasure and profit? It is not meet for you to neglect the divine favor that Heaven offers you if you will care for those who need your care, and thus let God knock in vain at your door. He stands there in the person of the poor, the homeless orphans, and the afflicted widows, who need love, sympathy, affection, and encouragement. If you do it not unto one of these, you would not do it unto Christ were He upon the earth.

And that hits the bull’s-eye. People go to church and are involved in their denomination to “receive the most selfish pleasure and profit”. They are not giving to advance the truth. Their churches don’t even believe in the truth as Jesus taught it: stop sinning, be perfect and to keep the Ten Commandments to get your eternal life. But it strokes their self-righteous egos to go to church and say “I’m a Christian”. How many are caught up in church, feast days, foods, ceremonies, and traditions while hundreds and thousands of worthy poor are looked down upon and left to rot. How many give to disaster relief to calm their conscience. But that does nothing to bring people to the truth. Those who know the truth must make sure their money goes to those who are teaching the truth as Jesus taught it: to be perfect, stop sinning and to keep the Ten Commandments to get our eternal life.

Call to mind your former wretchedness, your spiritual blindness, and the darkness which enshrouded you before Christ, a tender, loving Saviour, came to your aid and reached you where you were. If you let these seasons pass without giving tangible proofs of your gratitude for this wonderful and amazing love which a compassionate Saviour exercised toward you, who were aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, there is reason to fear that still greater darkness and misery will come upon you. Now is your sowing time. You will reap that which you sow. Avail yourselves while you may of every privilege of doing good. These privileges improved are as a passing shower, which will water and revive you. Lay hold of every opportunity within your reach of doing good. Idle hands will reap a small harvest. For what do older persons live but to care for the young and help the helpless? God has committed them to us who are older and have experience, and He will call us to account if our duties in this direction are neglected. What though our labor may not be appreciated! what though it prove a failure many times, and a success but once! This once will outweigh all the discouragements previously borne.

But few have a true sense of what is comprised in the word Christian. It is to be Christlike, to do others good, to be divested of all selfishness, and to have our lives marked with acts of disinterested benevolence. Our Redeemer throws souls into the arms of the church, for them to care for unselfishly and train for heaven, and thus be co-workers with Him. But the church too often thrusts them away, upon the devil’s battlefield. One member will say, “It is not my duty,” and then bring up some trifling excuse. “Well,” says another, “neither is it my duty;” and finally it is nobody’s duty, and the soul is left uncared for to perish. It is the duty of every Christian to engage in this self-denying, self-sacrificing enterprise. Cannot God return into their granaries and increase their flocks, so that instead of loss there shall be increase? “There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty.”

A comment on the understanding of “church” in this paragraph. The “church” raised up by God at that time was not an organized religion or church or denomination. If was a “people” who had accepted the truth that was being taught in the mid to late 1800’s. That message was the pure message of living the perfect, sinless and commandment keeping life. Do not confuse the “people” with the organized denomination of today. Today, the denomination has totally failed and is no longer doing God’s work but is now fully “upon the devil’s battlefield.” Just like the Jews of old.

But every man’s work is to be tested, and brought into judgment, and he be rewarded as his works have been. “Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase: so shall thy barns be filled with plenty.” “Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?” Read the next verse, and notice the rich reward promised to those who do this. “Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily.” Here is an abundantly precious promise for all who will interest themselves in the cases of those who need help. How can God come in and bless and prosper those who have no special care for anyone except themselves, and who do not use that which He has entrusted to them, to glorify His name on the earth?

Sister Hannah More is dead, and died a martyr to the selfishness of a people who profess to be seeking for glory, honor, immortality, and eternal life. Exiled from believers during the past cold winter, this self-sacrificing missionary died because no heart was bountiful enough to receive her. I blame no one. I am not judge. But when the Judge of all the earth shall make investigation, somebody will be found to blame. We are all narrowed up and consumed in our own selfishness. May God tear away this cursed covering and give us bowels of mercy, hearts of flesh, tenderness and compassion, is my prayer, offered from an oppressed, anguished soul. I am sure that a work must be done for us or we shall be found wanting in the day of God.

There is no greater selfish place on earth today than the church. The church did not take this council to heart. It is found wanting today. It has rejected the teachings of Jesus. It has been “all narrowed up and consumed in our own selfishness.” Oh, it puts on a good show, entertainment and a great up-front display and some piety. But behind it is the same attitude of the Pharisees of Christ’s day. If it refuses to change, it will be destroyed. Get out now while you still can.

In regard to (the orphan), do not, I entreat of you, forget that he is a child, with only a child’s experience. Do not measure him, a poor, weak, feeble boy, with yourselves and expect of him accordingly. I fully believe that it is in your power to do the right thing by this orphan. You can present inducements to him so that he will not feel that his task is cheerless, unrelieved by a ray of encouragement. You, my brother and sister, can enjoy yourselves in each other’s confidence, you can sympathize with each other, interest and amuse each other, and tell your trials and burdens to each other. You have something to cheer you, while he is alone. He is a thinking boy, but has no one to confide in or to give him a cheering word amid his discouragements and severe trials, which I know he has as well as those more advanced in years.

You would not dare “tell your trials and burdens to each other” in the church today. The gossip that is rampant in the church today would destroy you. The church is nothing but a hotbed of sin. It wallows in sin. Church members and leaders are nothing but selfish showman fleecing you.

If you shut yourselves up to each other, it is selfish love, unattended with Heaven’s blessing. I have strong hope that you will love the orphan for Christ’s sake, that you will feel that your possessions are but worthless unless employed in doing good. Do good; be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate, laying up in store for yourselves a good foundation against the time to come that you may lay hold on eternal life. None will reap the reward of everlasting life but the self-sacrificing. A dying father and mother left their jewels to the care of the church to be instructed in the things of God and fitted for heaven. When these parents shall look about for their dear ones, and one is found missing because of neglect, what will the church answer? It is in a great degree responsible for the salvation of these orphan children.

“If you shut yourselves up to each other, it is selfish love, unattended with Heaven’s blessing.” That is exactly the condition of our churches today. Oh, we give money for our entertainment and pat ourselves on our back thinking we are great Christians because we eat this, drink that, don’t wear that, go to this feast day or do this and that. But we are so selfish, giving only where we get our feelings stroked. But to give where God commands, not in your life! There is no earthly reward doing it God’s way. The churches of today have totally failed in their commission.

In all probability you have failed to gain the boy’s confidence and affection by not giving him more tangible proofs of your love by holding out some inducements. If you could not expend money you could at least in some way encourage him by letting him know you were not indifferent to his case. That the love and affection is to be all on one side is a mistake. How much affection have you educated yourselves to manifest? You are too much shut up to yourselves, and do not feel the necessity of surrounding yourselves with an atmosphere of tenderness and gentleness, which comes from true nobility of soul. Brother and Sister (church member) left their children to the care of the church. They had plenty of wealthy relatives who wanted the children; but they were unbelievers, and if allowed to have the care, or become the guardians, of the children, would lead their hearts away from the truth into error, and endanger their salvation. Because these relatives were not allowed to take the children, they were dissatisfied, and have done nothing for them. The confidence of the parents in the church should be considered, and not be forgotten because of selfishness.

We have the deepest interest for these children. One has already developed a beautiful Christian character and married a minister of the gospel. And now, in return for the care and burdens borne for her, she is a true burden bearer in the church. She is sought unto for advice and counsel by the less experienced, and they seek not in vain. She possesses true Christian humility, with becoming dignity, which can but inspire respect and confidence in all who know her. These children are as near to me as my own. I shall not lose sight of them, nor cease my care for them. I love them sincerely, tenderly, affectionately. {2T 327-334}


Ministry News

I received the following e-mail from a lovely lady who is a real missionary for Jesus. She has taken three cases of books from us and is handing them out.

Pauline from church called earlier this week. We chatted a little before she said, “You know, I’ve been studying this thing about church going. I have compared the different denominations, and really, we’re no different but for the day we keep. Hmm, I haven’t attended in awhile. . . The preacher’s wife has called me telling me that I really should be there.” I interrupted and asked her if she was given the implication that her salvation depended on her attending church? She said yes, and she didn’t know how to respond to that. Ron, I KNOW that she is reading CYLB! She is not a bible student. Reads little but the New York Times. So I know the Holy Spirit must have caused her to at least read a few pages of your book! What a joy for me! Ok, then she asks if I have any material that I could send her from the SOP that says the church is no longer the voice of God. (Well that is easy, so I put it in the mail the very next day.) Before we got off the phone I said to her, “Pauline, if you know this is the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart, you need to listen to that Voice. You’ll be turning 89 next week and it’s not like you have years to parley with this”.
Sandra, NC

God does not lose sight of His children. He is watching. We need more help to put out the truth of Jesus into the hands of Spanish inmates. This is a plea - please help if you can. We have the material translated into Spanish, but lack the funds to move forward with the material. God bless you as you help us do the work God has called us. As your brother in Christ, I can only rely on you, my family, to keep this poor brother of yours supplied so I can feed the poor inmates (orphans) the Word of God. If you have not already, please adopt yourself into this little family. If you do, you will find the blessings of God poured into your life.

And by the way, Sandra is into her third case of books. She is putting books into her local library and all over town. Maybe you could do the same?

God bless each of you,



Ministry News

I thank each and every one of you who loves Jesus so much that you continually, every month, sacrifice for this, His little ministry. So few love the truth. Your help is greatly needed at this time. Please remember us at tax time.
Love in Christ,