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Rebel at desk

A Rebel's Story


Woof, woof:

My name is Rebel. I am a Pink Nose Pit Bull. I was born into a family that was raised and trained to fight. However, one of the family members, Adam, a young man of about 17, saw something very special in me and rescued me from that horrible fate. When I was about six months old he realized that he could not protect me forever since I was getting old enough to train. Family were pressuring him to train me for fighting. One day he put a collar and leash on me and we went for a walk. While we were walking down the highway, a PT Cruiser pulled up beside us and the driver asked us if we wanted a ride.

We accepted the invitation. While driving, the driver asked Adam where he was going and what he was doing. Adam explained that he was looking for a home for me. The driver invited him and I to a place he called “The Ranch”. I did not know what that was and my little heart was beating with anxiety. When we arrived, I found it to be a big play yard with a pond, pool and trees. There was a dog there with ducks, turtles and birds. I loved it. I went playing immediately. I saw rabbits and boy, was I happy. I felt right at home.

While I was playing, Adam and the one called “Ron” talked. About an hour later Adam called me and gave me a big hug and told me I was going to live here at “The Ranch”. I said good-bye to Adam and he left.

My new home was wonderful. I nosed around and tried to play with my newfound friend, Foster. He was a big dog and was more about protecting everything then playing. Boy, was he going to be a challenge. I love to play. Since Foster didn’t want to play with me, I thought the ducks would like to play. They quacked and headed to the pond with feathers flying all over the place. I like feathers.

My new daddy was very busy. He loved his animals but he had so much work to do he really didn’t have much time for us. He looked at me like he did the other animals, he love me, but I was a “dog” to him and could pretty much take care of myself.

I could see that he was hurting inside. I learned later that his son left him for what dad called “The world”. Daddy was under a burden. His son had spent so many years in and out of prison that daddy’s heart was very sad. I knew right then what my job was. I had to bring love back into daddy’s heart. He had been hurt so many times in his life he had built up a wall to protect himself from all those hurts.Rebel swiming

It was summer when I arrivedat “the Ranch”. The days were hot and lovely. Dadtaught me to swim. That was so much fun. I learned to dive in after the toy dad made me. We had so much fun playing keep-a-way. I would get out of the pool and dad would throw the toy into the water. I would dive in and try to get it before it sank. If it did sink, I dove down to get it. So much fun.

Daddy had an extra doggy house and made it up real nice for me. I think dad was expecting me to live outside like Foster. He didn’t know that I was not an outside dog. Not me. Not with my thin coat. Nope, I was an indoor dog. I could tell that dad had never met a “dog” like me. He was just expecting a dog who would roll over to get his belly scratch. Nope, not me. I was intelligent and a thinker. I could figure things out.

I tolerated being outside at night for a couple of months. The nights were warm and lovely. I got to chase the rabbits and explore the 4 acres. However, the days began to get shorter and in the high desert, when the sun goes down, it can get cold. One night it got real cold. I was shivering, sitting on the sidewalk, looking towards the door of the home wishing for daddy to come and get me.

In the morning the door opened and out came dad to go to work. He took one look at me shivering and felt so sorry for me, he gathered me up in his arms and said, “That is enough, you will stay in the house from here on out.” I was very happy. Daddy’s heart was beginning to warm.

The home we lived in was a 10x50 trailer. It was so old it had mildew and was rotting. It was falling down and when the 60 to 80 mile-an-hour winds blew, I feared for the trailer. It would rock and roll. Then, when it rained, I had to find cover or I would get wet. Daddy tried fixing the roof many times, but I could see he was getting old and roof climbing just wasn’t good for him.

Rebel on couchThere was no room for a “bed” for me, so I mademyself at home on the couch.

I studied daddy and learned that he was very committed to his work. He love to serve and help people. He love especially those people he called, “inmates”. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but from listening to daddy, I decided that they were much like me, behind a fence and under the control of someone else.

Rebel at fenceI was hoping they were having as much fun as I was having. I was truly loved, but dad still did not know how much deeper his love could go. I had more work to do on his heart.

Dad would leave me out to play while he went to work in the office. But IRebel couch didn’t like being by myself. Besides, Foster just wasn’t learning how to play fast enough. So I went to the office door and knocked. Daddy was very surprised to hear my knock. He opened the door and let me in. I looked around and found a little sofa I could use as my “office”. I made myself right at home. From there on out, I went to work with daddy every day.

Daddy’s work kept him busy all day long. I noticed that from sunrise to way into the night daddy was working. I thought this was too much for him. He needed to play. It was wonderful when we got into the pool to play, but I learned it was not for “play” Airplanebut for his broken back. Daddy was in an airplane crash in his younger years that should have killed him. I am very thankful that it did not. If it wasn’t for daddy, I don’t know where I would have ended up.

Daddy was teaching me about a person called “Jesus”. He said Jesus saved his life so he could do this work for Him. I didn’t know about that, I was just very thankful he was my daddy. I was also very thankful for the kind lady who donated the pool to the ministry. I think my playing with dad helped him in his “aqua-therapy”. Dad started feeling better and was soon taking more time to be with me, play with me and read to me.

I wanted to help daddy as much as I could. He worked so hard I knew I had to find something I could do. I did notice that he put a lot of paper into a very noisy thing chewing paperthat chewed up the paper. So I knew right then what I could do. I asked daddy if I could chew up paper and boxes that were no longer needed. He said yes! Yippee! Oh, you want to know how I asked dad? I would go over to the trash can under his desk, and I would quietly stand there with my head next to it. Then, he would tip the trash can over a little bit which allowed me to put my head inside. I would nose around until I found just what I was looking for, pull it out, and go chew it up. But I always waited until daddy gave me the Ok.

In my last family, I saw the brutality they used to train my family members. I didn’t like that at all. So I was very interested in the training that daddy gave me. If I did something wrong, he would sit me down and look me in the eye and tell me what I did wrong. Then he would show me what I should have done. I liked that. I learned English real fast. Of course it took time to translate from English to doggy, but daddy was very patient. When he spoke to me, he would wait for me to translate it in my little brain, then when I understood what he wanted, I would do it. This was fun.

RakingI found the ranch to be exciting. There were lots of things to do like playing in the leaves. I think daddy expected me to pull my weight and help rake. Ya, right.

Then, of course, there was tree climbing. With over 80 trees on the ranch, what fun I had. I went around and inspected every tree to see if it was right for me to treeclimb. When I found the right ones, dad and I had lots of fun. He would say, “Up, up” and I would run and jump up into the tree. Then daddy would throw a ball to me and I would catch it. Such fun.

Daddy was under a lot of stress. He talked about money and how there was never enough to pay for all the ministry needs. I watched him as he printed, collated, folded and stapled the newsletters. Then, there were all the letters from inmates he had to write. And of course, I came to realize that the most important aspect of this ministry was putting out the book, “Change Your Life Biblically”.

Daddy said that Jesus sent His Holy Spirit and dictated that book so inmates could find Jesus. From all the letters requesting the book, I think a lot of inmates were finding Jesus. He would sit and read the letters to me. I think daddy loved having me listen so quietly to him work.

I soon learned that daddy had a strange habit. Every four hours or so daddy would have worship. We would walk around the 4 acres and talk to Jesus. I loved walking with him and listening to his prayers. Sometimes we would get in the pool to have prayer. Of course that was only in the summer. Then we would go inside or sit by thepraying pond to read the Bible. I enjoyed this. If we were inside I would hop up on a couch close to daddy and curl up to listen. Sometimes daddy would kneel down at a chair and pray to Jesus. Whenever I heard or saw daddy kneel down, I would run and climb up on the chair and we would put our heads together and pray. I liked praying with daddy.

One day daddy became very excited. He said that Jesus had provided the credit so we could build a new home and put in solar panels. We needed the solar panels. Daddy told me he had waited 13 years for Jesus to provide. With all the printing, computer work and other uses the ministry has for electricity, solar was a blessing. Daddy said that the ministry’s electricity bill used to be about $500 a month. Now we just had to pay off the credit card. But that was ok since the interest was less than the old electric bill.

restroomAfter the solar panels were put in, we built a new home on the old trailer. We took the old trailer down to the floor and re-built it with real wood. I had so much fun inspecting and making sure they did it just right. Now it didn’t leak, it didn’t rock and roll and it was clean from mildew and rot. I loved it. We built the bedroom up-stairs. I did not know what “up-stairs” meant. stairs

When the stairs were built, daddy showed me how to go up them. I was scared atfirst.This was so new to me. I didn’t know if I could trust those steps. But I saw that daddy made it up ok, so I carefully followed in his footsteps. However, when he showed me how to go down, I didn’t want to listen, so I took the easy way, and jumped. Ouch! did that hurt! Daddy was very concerned for me and held me close. He looked all over and felt me very carefully to make sure I didn’t have any broken bones. I hurt for about a week. I used the stairs after that.

Daddy taught me how to tell him when I hurt. I would go to him and say, “errr, errr”. That let daddy know I was in pain. He would then put his finger on me in different places and when he reached the place that hurt, I would then continue with “err, err”. He was very smart, my daddy, and I learned how to communicate with him.

I trusted daddy. I knew he only had my good at heart. His heart was melting and he was beginning to take me into a closer relationship with himself. Therefore, when I would get a cut or wound, I would let daddy know how bad it was by how loud I gave the “errr, errr”. I would let him rub the medicine on without giving him any trouble. Sometimes it would hurt real bad when the medicine was rubbed in. But I would turn my head away from daddy and growl real loud, like I wanted to bit his head off. But daddy knew I was just in pain and would never hurt him.

rebel new homeDaddy made me a toy to play with. He said that was better than a store bought toy. The toys sold at stores only got chewed up and cost lots to replace. So he made a sock toy that could be washed and replaced very simply. I love my “buddy”. I slept with it, played with it, eat with it and when I was hurting, it kept me company. What I did learn was that if I chewed up the toy, I might not have a toy to play with for a while. So with my new toy, “buddy”, I would be very careful and not chew it up.

rebel in bedDaddy got me a very nice bed for under the stairs. That way, I could lie there and look all around the house. I loved keeping track of daddy from there. Wherever he was, I knew what he was doing. And when daddy got close to a door, I was up and ready to go with him. This was my spot.


I loved working with daddy. Every day I would go with him to the Post Office. Here I am inspecting the mail to make sure we got it all.God’s mail was very special and we would pray over it and ask Jesus to touch the hearts of those receiving it. Daddy was very concerned about something called a “devil” that was always trying to hurt and destroy the ministry. I kept my ears and eyes open for him. He wasn’t going to get past me.

I would stand with my two front paws on the armrests of the front seats as we drove to the Post Office. That way, I could look all around and make sure no one would hurt the mail. Then I would put my head down and daddy and I would rub cheeks together. He would talk softly to me and rub my check with his. Then he would bring his right hand up and scratch my chin. I loved going to the Post Office with Daddy.

ridingHere I am enjoying the ride to the Post Office. May God watch over and bless each day’s mail. May the hearts be touch and lives come to know Jesus. I liked the high desert. It was nice and warm in the summer and cold in the winter. Great for cuddling up with daddy.

Sometimes daddy said I could not go with him. He said the time away from the Ranch would be too long for me to be in the car. Especially in the summer when temperatures would reach 120*. So daddy would very gently tell me I had to stay here. I would walk away very sad. But I understood that daddy knew what was best for me. Of course I waited for daddy to return. How happy I was when he came back.

I would hurt inside to see daddy under such pressure with all he had to do. He keeps praying that God would send a young man, like He did me, to help daddy. I do my best, but I just don’t have the dexterity to do all that daddy needs done. Daddy says that our lives are never to be about ourselves. We must always serve others. He kept talking about how we are to follow the example of Jesus and live perfect. I decided that is how I wanted to live.

Daddy kept saying how he was praying for a young man who could read, write and speak Spanish. That way, we could translate the book into Spanish. How many more lives we could reach for Jesus.

I did have to learn a new way of living. Here we are vegetarian. Of course daddy bought dried dog food for us. In fact, one bag of dried dog food would feed Foster, me, the ducks, the turtles and the fish. So for very little, it supplied the food for all God’s animals at the ministry.

lunchI of course lived with daddy so I had to get used to fruits, nuts and veggies. But I found that made me much healthier. Here I am helping daddy with lunch. Daddy said we don’t want to waste God’s money on food that is not essential, so we eat very simple. During the summer when the fruit trees had fruit on them, I would go and pick the fruit off the trees and eat it. I loved apples, apricots, plumbs and peaches.

potatoHere I am helping to make supper. One potato can go a long way in feeding both of us. I guess that is why I stay so thin and healthy.

Daddy said that when the funds get low, he willworking have to send me out to work. I looked at him like, “What?” So he showed me how I could be a great help. I thought this was a great way to help the ministry.

One time when I was about one and a half years old, I got real sick. Daddy was very scared. I was at the point of death. I would eat nothing and could hardly lift my head. Daddy was crying. He got down and prayed for me. I then lifted my head and was OK. I like what daddy did. He says that prayer is very important in our lives. I’m a believer!

I learned from daddy about a very special day. It was called the “Sabbath”. On Friday morning, daddy would clean the house. That was fun. He cleaned the kitchen, shook out the rugs,washed the windows and vacuumed the floor. One day while shaking out the rugs, one fell on the ground below the deck. Daddy started to go for it, but he saw me standing by the steps. He asked me if I would like to go and pick it up for him. I was delighted to help daddy. I went down and picked up the rug very carefully and brought it up to daddy.

Daddy began calling me “son”. I felt like a son to him. He treated me just like he would a son. He would talk to me and explain things to me. Whenever he brought some equipment home, I was very curious as to what it was, so daddy would let me look it over, smell it and investigate it. Daddy would ask my opinion of things. I thought that was very kind of daddy. He didn’t have to, but he would ask, “Rebel, would like to go for a walk with me, or wait here?” Most of the time I would go, but sometimes, like if the weather was very bad, I would let him know that I wanted to stay in the house. Sometimes I knew he was just going out for a quick moment and coming right back, so I would tell him I wanted to wait. I appreciated daddy asking.

I loved the Sabbath. Friday afternoon daddy would put down his work early and we would go have our Sabbath bath. Daddy would make sure the water was not to hot and not too cold, but just right for me. It felt so good having daddy spread the liquid soap all over my body. He would make sure that even my paws and in between my toes were clean. I could tell, daddy loved me.

pondOn Sabbath I had more time to be with daddy. We took longer walks or sat by the pond taking to Jesus and reading about Him. Daddy said he built the pond for Jesus. It was a wonderful place to meet with Jesus and listen to Him.

Daddy also liked to talk on the phone with John. John lives in Missouri. He was an ex-inmate who had read the book, “Change Your Life Biblically” and had done just that, changed his life. He was now a Board Member of the ministry. Like me, he loved the ministry and did all he could to support it and help daddy. He loved daddy too. They would talk for hours on the phone each Sabbath. John loved to hear about all that was taking place in the ministry. John brought much joy to daddy’s heart.

Daddy would take my buddy and hide it from me. I liked this game. I would search high and low for it. Up stairs, down stairs, under pillows, under the furniture and behind the chairs. It was so much fun. When I found it, I would take it to daddy and say, “See, I found it!” After a few weeks of this, I thought it would be nice if I hid it for daddy. So one evening while he was busy on the computer, I took the “buddy” and hid it, then went to daddy to tell him. At first he did not understand. But soon he did and it was so funny to watch him get on his hands and knees to look for the “buddy”. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. My tail was going in circles. Finally I could no longer wait for daddy to find it and went to show daddy where it was. We laughed and played tug-a-war. After that, I would hide it a lot and daddy would have so much fun trying to find it.

When daddy and I played tug-o-war, I could easily win. I was strong and daddy was getting old and tired. He would be turning 66 in January! He could hold on for a while as I tugged and tugged and pulled with all my might. But then he would let go and I trotted off with my tail held high. I won. But I soon learned that it was not fun “winning”. I had the buddy, but I was alone and daddy was alone. That was no fun. So I began letting daddy win. We would pull and pull and tug and tug, and then I would let go so daddy would win. When he won, we could continue playing and that was more fun than winning.

Usually, after daddy “won”, he would hold the buddy over the couch and I would jump up for it. But then he would move it to another couch and I would run and jump up for it there. Back and forth we would go. I loved that so much. It was far more fun playing with daddy. I didn’t really want to get the buddy, it was just so much fun running and jumping with daddy.

The home we had was very simple. The furniture was all old and donated. Most of it, I learned, was from daddy’s parents. The rocker was the one his mom rocked him in when he was a child. So I wanted to be very careful and not hurt any of the furniture. If daddy put the buddy some place I was not used to, I would sit and wait until daddy let me know how to get it without hurting the furniture. If daddy threw the buddy and it landed some place I was not sure of, I would sit or lie down and wait for daddy to show me if it was ok to get it and how to get it. I loved our home and wanted to take good care of it.

Teaching Foster to play was very hard. When I first came to the ministry I was only six months old and I looked up to Foster as my teacher and mentor in “doggy” things. Four years later, his possessiveness became aggressive. He would become stupid and would want to fight over something so trivial. All I wanted to do was play. At those times I had to put Foster in his place and let him know that all we were doing was playing. After Foster understood that, I would back down and let Foster be my teacher and mentor again. I loved Foster and he loved me. He just needed to learn how to play and not get all possessive over something. He had some bad traits that needed to be loved out of him.

One thing I learned from daddy, it wasn’t about winning. Winning left a person lonely and in the end, he lost. But to “lose” and give to help others, that was winning. It is more fun to bless others and to be with them than to accumulate things and be alone. I liked that. I didn’t want anything, I didn’t want to “win”, I just wanted to be with Foster and daddy. To play with them, help them and do all I could to bring them joy, happiness and love.

washSomething else daddy taught me. He said it wasn’t nice to beg and want. He said we had to be content with want we had. I thought that was a good idea. So when daddy was eating, I would not bother him. I would lie down and wait until he was almost done, then I would quietly go sit by him and ask if I could have what was left. Most of the time He shared with me. I let daddy know that he could let me “wash” and all he would have to do is dry.

Daddy would work many long hours in the office. I would lie quietly watching and listening, but soon I realized that he needed someone to remind him when to stop. So when I saw him get frustrated or upset, I would go over to him and place my chine on his leg. That would calm daddy down. He would put his hand on my head and rub it. That soothed him even more. Then I would let daddy know that maybe we should go for a prayer walk. He would agree and off we would go.

I really appreciated how clean and neat daddy kept the office and home. I felt very special living and “working” here at the ministry. Daddy always said that to be clean and neat is to be like Jesus. Not only in our surroundings, but also in our lives. I wanted to help daddy keep it nice. When I had to do my business, I would go to the door and knock. Daddy would then open the door and let me out. When I was done, I would go back and knock again. Then daddy would let me in. He was a very smart daddy.

I noticed that not many came to the ranch. Daddy was all alone. It appeared that people were more interested in “winning” in their theology than loving and caring for others. They judged daddy by what he believed instead of by his heart of love. They wanted daddy to believe in their church or their food and anything else they did. All daddy was doing was teaching the love of Jesus and what Jesus taught, but people seemed to love their church, their theology and their things more than Jesus. I was sad for daddy. When we read the Bible together, I learned that Jesus encountered much the same attitude in His day. The Pharisees were more interested in their church and what they had then in loving and caring for others.

I was very happy that Jesus brought me into daddy’s life. I just wanted to bring him all the joy and happiness possible. I could see that my plan was working. He could not stand being away from me. We were inseparable. I was proud to be a part of the ministry and helped as much as possible. The difference between my last home of fighting and this home of love was so vast, I loved it.

One way daddy said I could help was to write inmates. So many inmates were hurting. He felt it would be good for me to write them. So I started writing inmates. Soon letters were coming back from inmates telling daddy how much they loved my letters. The letters seemed to bring them joy and calm them down.

Daddy’s heart was now fully in beat with mine. Our hearts beat as one. I loved our prayer walks around the property. We would do that about four or five times a day.

Daddy’s heart was now ready for another test. Through the four and a half years I lived with daddy, we read through the Bible many times. I learned that God loves animals and used them many times to help people. One time he used a donkey to set a man straight. I thought that was cool of God. We animals can see what humans can’t.
Another time, God used a whale to help Jonah. I thought that would be a great ride. Seeing how much I liked water, I asked daddy if we could go to the beach together and maybe see a whale. Of course we don’t have the funds to go anywhere. But that is ok, living here at the ministry is a wonderful life.

Then there was the time God use black birds to feed Elijah. We have black birds here on the property. I love to play with them. One of them has become a very good playmate. He comes close to me and says, “let’s play chase”, so off we go. He stays just a few feet ahead of me, flying low to the ground, to keep me running after him. That is so much fun.

Then there was the donkey that Jesus used to ride on. We animals have been used by God in many ways. I had the privilege of serving God in helping my daddy find love, peace and joy again.

But now there was a greater test. While I was living, daddy loved me and still didn’t understand the full love he needed to have. So Jesus let me give my life so daddy would understand how we should never take anyone or any animal for granted. I died November 23 at 7:45 in the morning.

Daddy was heart broken. For three days he prayed and pleaded with Jesus to make me well. But God saw I needed to sleep for daddy’s development. At first, daddy wanted to get mad at God. But then he realized that we all must work for Jesus and submit to His plan for our lives. He let me go and placed me in the hands of Jesus.

graveHe buried me with my head facing a Yucca Tree. I am happy to have served and brought so much joy to daddy.

Now I must say good-bye to all of you. I will not be able to write any more letters. But God will keep all of you. Always remember that Jesus loves you and no matter what, all will work out for good.

Daddy is probably crying his eyes out right now. I loved him so much and he loved me. But now, I know that God will find my replacement for the next stage in daddy’s growth.

Woof, woof,

If my writing through the eyes of Rebel offends, please forgive. It was the only way I could release the pain. I am so heartbroken that I was not able to eat much for three days. I lost about 5 pounds. I could hardly get any work done. I started this little story the day after Rebel died.

It is true that God will use whatever He needs to develop our characters for Heaven. Humans, animals or nature. He used storms and the Sea of Galilee a couple of times to train His disciples.

I was so discouraged after Rebel died. I looked around and realized that for the last four years I had actually been working because of Rebel. He was keeping me going. I would get up in the morning knowing that Rebel was there with me to handle the day. When he died, I looked around and the home was so quiet and empty that I truly didn’t want to continue. How I missed the pitter-patter of his little paws. I wondered what I was working for. Did anyone really care? I thought of quitting.

But then, Jesus comforted me and reminded me that Rebel would want me to keep going. That there was a reason for his life and his death. I remembered the time Jesus was about to leave His disciples and told them how sad they would be, but then they would find Him again and be happy. Even though I am so heartbroken over Rebel’s death, God will use it for good.

As I look back over the life of Rebel, there was not a selfish bone in his body. I almost believe he was an angel in doggy form. His only thought was for me. He lived to bless me and bring me joy. He was perfect. I thought on that and said to myself, “He didn’t go to church, he didn’t know any theology, he owned nothing and had nothing, but he was perfect.” He was the greatest Christian I had ever known. The Bible is plain, Love covers a multitude of sins. Love is the fulfilment of the Law of God. Rebel knew nothing of the law, but he lived the law perfectly. His love was truly divine. Even though he had nothing to give, he gave all he had.

The day Rebel died I asked the Lord to replace him. God knows what we need. If we are willing to spend and be spent for Him and His work, He will use us. I sat down at the computer and went to Craig’s List to see what I could find. Most Pit Bulls were for sale and the ministry could not afford to buy one. Finally, on Thursday, which was Thanksgiving, I found one that looked like he might be a good replacement. But they wanted $100 or best offer. I thought I would try. I left a message and went back to work.

That night I received a message that the dog was available. I explained I had no money and what the ministry did. They said all they wanted was a good home for their dog. He was in the military and had to move from 5 acres to a home with a little back yard. Their dog was four years old and living in a home with four children, well, it was best for Duke to have a better home. We made plans to meet on Sunday.

dukeSo even in death, the Lord was able to help a family and a dog. God will always use us if we are willing. Is it painful? Of course. Jesus tells us that to be a Christian is to live in pain, trouble and sorrow. Why? Because a true Christian loves and love will always be taken advantage of and that will bring pain in this world of sin. Jesus loved and His love was not understood or accepted by the church of His day. But that is what prepares our characters for Heaven.

Duke has filled the emptiness in my life. Never could the place of Rebel be filled. However, I have a friend to wake up to, work with and share my life with. Like Rebel, he wants to be with me at all times. His desire is to serve and bring joy into my heart.
I want to thank all of you who knew Rebel and for appreciating “his” letters. Thank you for taking an interest in his life. I pray that wherever you are, whatever prison or jail you may be in, let the love of Jesus flow out from you. God needs you to be His “pit” to the hurting hearts around you.


Prison Mission Report

Jesus Christ Prison Ministry,
I’ve been meaning to write many times but have put it off. I don’t know where to start. CYLB has already changed my life and I only finished reading volume I. This book is truly blessed. I feel deep inside my gut that everything is right about this book. Every chapter is explained thoroughly and of course, the Living Word backs everything up! I am very thankful for CYLB and I even tell offenders about it, a lot! One of the things that has blown my mind is Daniel 7 & 9. I have dreams and it’s mind-blowing how I wake up, open CYLB and correlate it with the Holy Bible. Words cannot even begin to explain the reactions of excitement that radiate from my face when I read CYLB. I will say it again, “Change Your Life Biblically” is truly blessed! There were many things I was confused about. It’s crazy and wicked how the worldly churches are twisting and stomping on the Word, specifically the 10 Commandments. CYLB has changed my life for the best. Thank you for sending the monthly newsletter. I love it. Thank you!
Brittany, IN

Brother Ron,
Thank you so much for this book and the opportunity to study it and learn more about God’s Word. I want to keep learning how to apply it to my life. I want to continue to grow in the knowledge of Christ. I love learning and studying.
Rich, CA

To Whom It May Concern,
I received your letter and I shed a tear when I read your Introductory Issue. At the age of 14 I started using cocaine real bad. I lived a very dangerous life style. During my addiction I had four beautiful children which I loved so much and always will till I die. But as an addict, it was hard for me to be a real father to my children. I allowed drugs to overpower my choices. Drugs kept me in the streets all day and all night. I lost my mom in a house fire and I never knew my father. I became homeless, nowhere to go, no one to turn too for help. I signed myself into rehab twice and I relapsed. Now I am in prison doing a four year sentence for burglary. I haven’t seen my children in 18 years. Send me whatever you can. It really doesn’t matter. I’m tired and worn out. I’ve been doing drugs for 28 years.
Marcus, FL

I am currently doing time in Alaska. I’ve had the privilege to run across your book, “Change Your Life Biblically”. I know the print is old. This is a shot in the dark. Do you have this book still in print? I would love to have it. This one is very tore up with pages missing. I love it! Truth without religious doctrine. I would love anything you are able to send.
Robert, AK

Jesus Christ Prison Ministry,
I came across yawls info from a fellow brother in Christ on this unit. I just came here a few months ago. I was told that yawls have a nice Bible study. I gave my life to God a little over 4 years ago. I am never looking back. I am a former gang member whose now a follower of Christ and who puts God’s Word in my mouth and mind every morning. So, if yawls are able and have room, could yawls please enroll me in yawls Bible study.
Gary, TX

Dear Brother Ron,
Thank you for the certificate! I will continue to study God’s Word and read the workbook. I’m learning so much now and eager to learn more. I don’t need a Bible, God has blessed me with one from an unexpected source. So please bless someone else with one. As you can see, I’ve filled out my information on the reverse side for the pen-pal site. I am also sending two poems I’ve written which I wish you to post. Well my friend, I’m at such peace now. I am very blessed. Thank you and JCPM for being on this journey with me. I will write again soon.
John, NC

Brother Ron,
As always, I’m blessed in the ways of this ministry. Each essay helps me see a little deeper into the power of our amazing God. I pray for many to receive the information this ministry brings to each because it truly helps point each of us in the right direction to further our relationship with Christ.
Aubrey, KY

Dear Ron,
I just want to say, my brother, “May God continue to bless you for your outstanding work as a true believer of God all Mighty”. My cellie turned me on to your book and I was impressed by what I was reading! I’m due to parole soon and would please like to have my own book, ‘Change Your Life Biblically’ so I can continue to study it. But most importantly, to share it with my wife and kids. The knowledge that you share and talk about in your book I have to believe that you were lead by the Holy Spirit. Period! Ron, you continue to do what God has put you on this earth for because your reward is going to be so amazing. And that is an understatement because God is going to bless you with the gift that comes far above in the heavens. I thank you for you’re doing what it is that you have already done and what you are about to do. I will be praying for you and that this book touches a lot of people in these last days.
Julius, CA

To Whom It May Concern,
I saw your address on the bulletin board as I was walking by it. I decided to put Jesus back into my life so I decided to write to you. I am interested and would like to request to get a free Bible along with the Bible studies.
Victor, TX

Dear Brother Ronald John,
I want to thank you for several reason. You cared enough to reach out to me. I received two letters from you. Next came a booklet called, “A Christians’ Reward”. Wow! Thank you! I am still reading ‘Change Your Life Biblically”. Again, wow! I must say, what an eye opener. I can’t imagine my life without Jesus Christ, His commandments. Through this book I’m learning more so it will be a while before I send out the answer sheets. However, I wanted you to know how very blessed I feel and grateful for your ministry. Please keep me in your prayers as I press on in this journey. I wish I had a better understanding in my Spanish. Oh how I would have loved to translate your book into Spanish. I pray you will be able to find someone with the heart to help translate this book in Spanish. Brother John, you are like a lighthouse that shines to help others see the truth of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation, the keeping of the Ten Commandments and the Sabbath. I want to thank you.
Confesor, NY

Brother Ron,
They forwarded my CYLB book from High Desert. I received it. WOW! I’ve read it through rebonce already and am starting it a second time. It makes so much sense. I’m at a loss of words on how or what to say about it. Thank you for being the tool our Lord Jesus used to getthrough to me. May God bless you! I’m trying to get names for the Book. There are only 30 guys in the unit I’m in. They’re are tough nuts to crack. I may have to borrow your“enforcer”, Ha, Ha. (The “enforcer” was Rebel. I would let the inmates know that if they needed help, I would send Rebel to the rescue.) Anyway, I will continue to work on them and me with the book.
Steven, NV

Dear JCPM,
I’m writing because I am very interested in your Bible study program. It will be nice to take up your program and make new acquaintances because I don’t have a lot of outside support.
Clarence, WI

First, I would like to say “Thanks” for sending me the Introductory Issue. I’ve also learned that I’m not feeling alone no more. I read the story about yourself and your strong faith. I do my best day after day to remain strong in the faith. I love the Lord so when I saw the pamphlet, I struggled for a while to send the request out for the Bible study. I remained in the Word day after day until something told me to write to Jesus Christ Prison Ministry. Now that I think about it, it’s the passion I have for the Lord to get to know more about God. What else better to do than to get a Bible study and learn. When I read the Bible, at times I struggle with understanding so I’m hoping that this could give me a better outlook on the Bible. I learned reading from your experience what you went through. I think it is a wonderful thing that you did. I read about how you study the Bible and became a teacher of the Bible about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I look up to that and I want to be a positive role model for the Lord and to be able to go and help out in a youth ministry.
Daniel, CA

Dear Brother Ronald,
As soon as I received CYLB, I held my book to my heart and smiled ear to ear and said, “I feel like this book is just for me!” In your letter there were many answers to my questions and confirmation. I have been thinking about wanting to be a missionary upon my release a lot here lately. I want to travel and spread His Word, the truth. You said I have now become Jesus’ missionary. Thank you Jesus. That was music to my ears. I crave His living Word constantly. I’m still fairly new and I want to be 110% ready to spread Good News.

People call me crazy all of the time. I am so very different and all I want to do is our Father’s will. Ronald, when I approach fellow “Christians” in this facility, I still feel like an outcast. I don’t think I’m being judgemental, my father please correct me if I’m wrong. These “Christians” continue to joke pervertedly, gossip, lie, etc. I want no part of it. Am I wrong for not wanting to “hang out” with them? Has Jesus just not worked in their hearts yet, like this one woman said? Or are they blind and are not ready to change? Or think it’s okay and aren’t truly Christians? Now I believe I have to be very careful. Ronald, I sit on my bunk most of the time. When I’m not at work in the kitchen, spreading the Word and encouraging women biblically, I sit on my bunk and study people of the Bible and plants of the Bible, pure Scripture.

You are truly a blessing in my life, Ronald. Your letter means so much to me. It means so much to be able to communicate with a true fellow brother. I am disgusted at how corrupt media and technology are. Thank you for explaining how radio stations are even corrupt. I was listening to a “religious” radio station. The preacher was angry and I can’t recall what he said, but the statement was totally uncalled for and the audience laughed. The laughter was so loud. It was disgusting and pathetic. I immediately turned off my radio. Also, a radio host on a “religious” station got a call from a gay person and the host claimed it’s okay to be gay! Ron, this world is so corrupt and I’m saddened.

So, the craziest thing just happened. I was in the Jpay room and I handed Tracie a CYLB form. I got so passionate and explained the truth, how it’s important to change our ways because Jesus will be here very soon. Okay, there were 3 other women in the room besides me.

Ron, I don’t know how in the world I had the confidence to say and do what I did. Well, the Holy Spirit instructed me, I believe. Wow, after handing Tracie a form, Blake started questioning God’s Word. I was answering her questions according to God’s Word. Then she asked, “Do you think the Bible should be taken literal?” I then pulled up a chair and handed her a Bible and said, “Absolutely”. She turned to Revelation and picked and poked at verses. I then said, “Daniel and Revelation correspond because they are prophecies that have been and continue to be fulfilled.” She mentioned ten horns and I said those are nations. I can’t write down word for word, but I feel good how our conversation went and how well I explained it. I looked at Tracie and said, “CYLB is a great book and it explains everything and breaks everything down and easy to understand.” I would not have been able to explain what I did if I didn’t receive CYLB!! Thank you so much Ronald. I really want to remind you how much of a blessing CYLB has been and continues to be for me. I pray it also changes the lives of many others.

P.S. I wish I could have your pit bull as a watch dog to protect me. He is too adorable. He is beautiful. I want him!

Brittany, IN


Ministry News

What God is doing with this little ministry is amazing. Every day this little ministry posts information up on the web over many media sites. We can reach over 8,000 people around the world each day. One of our media sites is LinkedIn. Alana, who is an IT Education Adviser in Landing, New Jersey, made the following comments about our post “False Prophets”.

AlenaAlana: This was so powerful. It was an amazing read and so very true. Thank you so much for sharing..

Alana: I read quite a few of your posts. Some hit home with me more then others. I’ve been working hard to make Jesus my priority again. Please know your posts make that easier for me. God bless you as well.

Your donations keep us up on the internet. It is expensive. Not only am I reaching out each day to inmates across the nation, but people from around the world on the web. To keep us up on the web, print the newsletters and keep the office up and running, the ministry uses two computers.

We have almost 3,300 connections on LinkedIn, 4,500 followers on Twitter, 800 friends on Facebook and almost 13,000 views of our over 400 videos on You Tube. Your donations are being put to good use. I use everything I have to put God’s truth out to the world. It is just me doing all of this. Please pray God sends help.

Both computers stopped working and I had to purchase two new computers. The ministry can do nothing without computers and the equipment we have. It is not cheap. Any extra help would be greatly appreciated.

God bless each of you who give sacrificially so this little ministry can continue doing what God has called it to. Those of you who give systematically and so generously each month, may God bless you.

Love in Christ,


Testimony for God's People

Prayer for the Sick

In the case of Sister F, there needed to be a great work accomplished. Those who united in praying for her needed a work done for them. Had God answered their prayers, it would have proved their ruin. In such cases of affliction, where Satan has control of the mind, before engaging in prayer there should be the closest self-examination to discover if there are not sins which need to be repented of, confessed, and forsaken. Deep humility of soul before God is necessary, and firm, humble reliance upon the merits of the blood of Christ alone.

Unfortunately, the criteria to “pray for the sick” seems to be whether or not they belong to your church. How much money they give. What is their “standing” in the church. All of it is about ego, pride and arrogance. Church is the devil’s playground. Church does nothing to bring people into obedience to the teachings of Jesus so we can be healed.

Fasting and prayer will accomplish nothing while the heart is estranged from God by a wrong course of action. “Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?” “Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and He shall say, Here I am. If thou take away from the midst of thee the yoke, the putting forth of the finger, and speaking vanity; and if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noonday: and the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.”

When in prison, God gave me an opportunity to lay hands on a young man who had accepted Jesus while studying the Bible with me. Within minutes he was healed. A few years back, my dog, Rebel, became sick. He was at the point of death. Having no money to take him to the vet, all I could do was cry out for Jesus to save him. Rebel brings me such joy, happiness and is a true friend and companion. He loves me. All of a sudden he perked up and was healed. God’s love and care extends to all of His creatures. If we are serving Jesus, living as He commands, trusting in Him and not a church or man, God will answer our prayers. God wants us to glorify Him, not man or a church.

It is heartwork that the Lord requires, good works springing from a heart filled with love. All should carefully and prayerfully consider the above scriptures, and investigate their motives and actions. The promise of God to us is on condition of obedience, compliance with all His requirements. “Cry aloud,” saith the prophet Isaiah, “spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins. Yet they seek Me daily, and delight to know My ways, as a nation that did righteousness, and forsook not the ordinance of their God: they ask of Me the ordinances of justice; they take delight in approaching to God. Wherefore have we fasted, say they, and Thou seest not? wherefore have we afflicted our soul, and Thou takest no knowledge?”

Making a high profession of being a Christian, going to church, doing all the church activities will not have any influence with Jesus. Today, God hates our churches. They are “anti” Christ. They take the eyes of the people away from Jesus and places them firmly on man and the church. Jesus wants a people who will listen to Him and be obedient to Him alone. He wants them to stop the sin in their lives and live His perfect, Ten Commandment life. To “show My people their transgression”. But this is not what the churches are doing. We go to church putting on a show as if we were seeking God and delight in approaching Him. But God will not listen. The hearts are not humbled in obedience to God’s Laws.

A people are here addressed who make high profession, who are in the habit of praying, and who delight in religious exercises; yet there is a lack. They realize that their prayers are not answered; their zealous, earnest efforts are not observed in heaven, and they earnestly inquire why the Lord makes them no returns. It is not because there is any neglect on the part of God. The difficulty is with the people. While professing godliness, they do not bear fruit to the glory of God; their works are not what they should be. They are living in neglect of positive duties. Unless these are performed, God cannot answer their prayers according to His glory.

In the case of offering prayer for Sister F, there was confusion of sentiment. Some were fanatical and moved from impulse. They possessed a zeal, but not according to knowledge. Some looked at the great thing to be accomplished in this case and began to triumph before the victory was gained. There was much of the Jehu spirit manifested: “Come with me, and see my zeal for the Lord.” In place of this self-confident assurance, the case should have been presented to God with a spirit of humbleness and distrustfulness of self, and with a broken and a contrite heart.

Churches are so proud. They make such great and loud boasts. “We are ‘God’s Special People’”. “We are the ‘Remnant’”. “We are the church for the last days”. “We keep the Sabbath”. All of it, no different than the Jews of Christ day. They believed that in order to receive the blessings of God you had to belong to their church. And while all this boasting was going on, Jesus was working quietly, humbly and mightily outside of their church organization.

I was shown that in case of sickness, where the way is clear for the offering up of prayer for the sick, the case should be committed to the Lord in calm faith, not with a storm of excitement. He alone is acquainted with the past life of the individual and knows what his future will be. He who is acquainted with the hearts of all men knows whether the person, if raised up, would glorify His name or dishonor Him by backsliding and apostasy. All that we are required to do is to ask God to raise the sick up if in accordance with His will, believing that He hears the reasons which we present and the fervent prayers offered. If the Lord sees it will best honor Him, He will answer our prayers. But to urge recovery without submission to His will is not right.

An example of this is the history of Hezekiah. If he and submitted to the will of God and died in peace, what a difference the history of the Jewish nation might have been. But because he wanted God to extend his life, God answered His prayer as an example to show it is not wise to work outside of God’s ordained will. Because Hezekiah was restored to life and allowed to live another 15 years, his son Manasseh was the reason for the destruction of the Jewish nation.

What God promises He is able at any time to perform, and the work which He gives His people to do He is able to accomplish by them. If they will live according to every word He has spoken, every good word and promise will be fulfilled unto them. But if they come short of perfect obedience, the great and precious promises are afar off, and they cannot reach the fulfillment.

If your church is not teaching you how to live in “perfect obedience” to “every word He has spoken” God can’t answer your prayers. If your church isn’t teaching you how to live without sin, it is taking you to hell. That is why, at this time in earth’s history, God commands us to come out of our churches and come to Him. Your church is the reason you will not be in Heaven. Get out of your sand-filled church and come to the Rock, the truth as Jesus teaches it and find the power you need in your life.

All that can be done in praying for the sick is to earnestly importune God in their behalf, and in perfect confidence rest the matter in His hands. If we regard iniquity in our hearts the Lord will not hear us. He can do what He will with His own. He will glorify Himself by working in and through them who wholly follow Him, so that it shall be known that it is the Lord and that their works are wrought in God. Said Christ: “If any man serve Me, him will My Father honor.” When we come to Him we should pray that we may enter into and accomplish His purpose, and that our desires and interests may be lost in His. We should acknowledge our acceptance of His will, not praying Him to concede to ours. It is better for us that God does not always answer our prayers just when we desire, and in just the manner we wish. He will do more and better for us than to accomplish all our wishes, for our wisdom is folly.

How far the churches have fallen. Because they no longer teach their members to be obedient to the teachings of Jesus: stop sinning, be perfect and keep the Ten Commandments to get your eternal life, they have to make up fairy tales as to why God did not answer. But God has promised to answer and hear our prayers if we are in compliance with Him, not your church. Therefore, instead of asking your church why God did not answer you, go to God and make sure you are living as He commands: perfect, sinless and commandment keeping. Then ask in faith, nothing wavering, and it will be done according to His will.

We have united in earnest prayer around the sickbed of men, women, and children, and have felt that they were given back to us from the dead in answer to our earnest prayers. In these prayers we thought we must be positive and, if we exercised faith, that we must ask for nothing less than life. We dared not say, “If it will glorify God,” fearing it would admit a semblance of doubt. We have anxiously watched those who have been given back, as it were, from the dead. We have seen some of these, especially youth, raised to health, and they have forgotten God, become dissolute in life, causing sorrow and anguish to parents and friends, and have become a shame to those who feared to pray. They lived not to honor and glorify God, but to curse Him with their lives of vice.

The problem is, when God does restore health to a person, is the church teaching that person how to continue in a life of perfect obedience to Jesus? No! That is why there is very little answered prayer. God knows that if He should answer prayer, people simply get proud, egotistical and forget to humbly seek after God to do His will. If we would earnestly teach people how to live as Jesus commands: perfect, sinless and commandment keeping, we would see more healings.

We no longer mark out a way nor seek to bring the Lord to our wishes. If the life of the sick can glorify Him, we pray that they may live; nevertheless, not as we will but as He will. Our faith can be just as firm, and more reliable, by committing the desire to the all-wise God, and, without feverish anxiety, in perfect confidence, trusting all to Him. We have the promise. We know that He hears us if we ask according to His will. Our petitions must not take the form of a command, but of intercession for Him to do the things we desire of Him. When the church are united, they will have strength and power; but when part of them are united to the world, and many are given to covetousness, which God abhors, He can do but little for them. Unbelief and sin shut them away from God. We are so weak that we cannot bear much spiritual prosperity, lest we take the glory, and accredit goodness and righteousness to ourselves as the reason of the signal blessing of God, when it was all because of the great mercy and loving kindness of our compassionate heavenly Father, and not because any good was found in us.

How true! That is why our churches are so deadly. They are not “united” and therefore, so full of sin, pride and covetousness that God abhors the church services and those who take part in them. He wishes they would shut the church doors and go home and bow before Him and seek out His pleasure and be obedient.

We should ever exert an influence which will be sanctifying on those around us. This saving, ennobling influence has been very feeble at (church). Many have mingled with the world and partaken of its spirit and influence, and its friendship has separated them from God. Jesus has passed a day’s journey in advance of them. They can no longer hear His voice of counsel and warning, and they follow their own wisdom and judgment. They follow a course which appears right in their own eyes, but which afterward proves to be folly. God will not allow His work to be mixed with worldly policy. Shrewd, calculating men of the world are not the men to take leading positions in this most solemn, sacred work. They must either be converted, or engage in that calling which is appropriate to their world-loving inclinations, and which does not involve such eternal consequences. God will never enter into partnership with worldlings.

Christ gives everyone his choice: Will you have Me or the world? Will you suffer reproach and shame, be peculiar, and zealous of good works, even if hated of the world, and take My name, or will you choose the esteem, the honor, the applause and profits the world (church) has to give, and have no part in Me? “Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” {2T 145-149}

Get out of your churches now. It may seem “right in their own eyes” but you cannot be prepared for Heaven sitting in church. God has promised to spew out of His mouth those who sit in churches today. Why will you not listen and obey. If you are sick, having economic problems, your life in a mess, get out of your church, stay home, open your Bible and begin reading from Genesis and live as God commands. Listen to the voice of Jesus and Jesus only. Then your light will shine forth. Your health and prosperity will arise. God is waiting for a people who will rise up, cast off the world, the churches and proclaim in their lives the perfect, sinless character of Jesus.


Ministry News

I thank each and every one of you who loves Jesus so much that you continually, every month, sacrifice for this, His little ministry. So few love the truth. Your help is greatly needed at this time. Please remember us at tax time.
Love in Christ,