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My Prison Experience

My Dear Family in Christ,

The following is a simple telling of the grace of God in my life. I have only started relating this within the past few months. If the experience God put me through can bring glory to Him and help others in their walk with Jesus, then I will relate it. Like Saul turned Paul, a true miracle of God.

In January 1991 I entered prison. It is in “Reception” where we are fingerprinted, photographed and given our numbers. We are then tested and evaluated in order to determine our place in the prison system.

This was my first time to prison. While in jail waiting for prison, I had to make a decision: continue believing in Jesus or give it all up. It was obvious that the church I was raised in had failed me. I decided to give up the man-made church and find out for myself if God is sure and certain. I dedicated my life to Jesus and began a systematic reading of the Bible. I started in Genesis and read all the way through to the end of Revelation. I have continued that process now for over 24 years. I have read the Bible cover to cover over 80 times so far.

The first cellblock I was housed in was where the very rough and hardened criminals were placed. It was the cellblock of murderers, gang members and drug dealers, etc. On this block we were expected to die fighting for our “race”. The devil obviously knew something of God’s plan for my life that I did not know. He was determined to destroy God’s plan. However, the Lord softened the heart of my cellie. After his interrogation of me, he was very forthright, I did not belong on that block. He called a guard and asked to meet with the sergeant. Shortly after I was transferred to a “soft” block .

I had been raised in a Sabbath keeping church and lived my whole life as a vegetarian. Even when in the military I had separate rations. By this time in my prison experience I was very hungry. I asked a couple of the inmates what the procedure was to work as a food server. Food servers eat well. They laughed at me. They told me that everyone wanted to work in the kitchen. The list for working in the kitchen was very long and I probably would not get in. I got on my knees and asked my Friend Jesus to let me work in the kitchen. I was hungry. Two hours later a C/O (Correctional Officer) came to my cell. She identified me and asked if I wanted to work in the kitchen. Yes ma’am! I started working that afternoon and continued for the remainder of my time in Reception.

I learned that since this was my first time in prison I was eligible for half-time. If I kept my record clean, worked and didn’t get into trouble, I could get out of prison after serving half my sentence. However, in order to start half-time, I had to get out of Reception. I asked around to see how long the inmates had been waiting before getting out of Reception. It turned out the prison system was so full and crowded, the waiting time was six to eight months. That was discouraging. I again got on my knees and asked my Friend Jesus if He would move me out quickly. Within about two weeks I was on a bus and headed for Corcoran State Prison, California. Thank you Jesus.

It was a long cold bus ride in the middle of January. Corcoran was a newly built prison. I was one of the new “fish” to help break it in. I was housed in level 3. The prison system is divided into five major levels. The most dangerous felons are housed in the higher levels. If they do well their points drop and they can move down to lower levels. Each level allows greater freedoms and privileges. After settling in I looked around to see what jobs were available. “Good luck” I was told. There was a waiting list. It would be about a year before I could get my “work time” started. There were more inmates than jobs, education or vocational training available. Once again I got on my knees and prayed. Within two weeks of arriving at Corcoran I was working in the kitchen as clerk.

Looking back upon my experience I see the hand of God in all of this. 1st, just going to prison reminded me of Joseph. Joseph did nothing to deserve being taken away from his family but God had a plan and purpose. Joseph did nothing to deserve being put in prison, but again, God had a plan and purpose. However, Joseph remained faithful to Jesus. He did his duty and God blessed him.

A few months after working as a clerk in the kitchen, I was transferred to work as clerk in the Administration Building. There I clerked for the Program Administrator and upper echelons of power on the yard. For the rest of my stay in the prison system clerking was my job. God had this all planned out. Through my experience as clerk in the many different prison departments I learned how the prison functioned. This would be very important to me in the work God had prepared for me to do in later years in this prison ministry.

Just learning how to “clerk” was an important skill to learn for God. Since I am all alone in this ministry and must do everything myself, the clerking experience taught me much in keeping the ministry well organized so I can operate it as a one-man-ministry. I read and answer all the inmate mail that comes in. I then enter all the names and information into the computers. Inmate and donor Initial Newsletters have to be printed, stapled, folded and prepared for mailing. Those who receive books must have their packages put together. The monthly newsletter has to be developed, written, printed, mail-merged, collated, stapled, folded and prepared for mailing. Then there are the videos I put together. I try to put one video up on the web each day. These are the “Bible Reading” videos. However, I also try to put up a theme video once a month.

And then there is the work of keeping the financial part of the ministry under control. Making sure our outgo doesn’t exceed our income so our upkeep isn’t our downfall. The recession proved to be very challenging. After the ministry work, there is the every day work just keeping the physical plant, the home, the office, the studio, lawns, trees and everything else kept up. So God had a reason for teaching me organization.

My job in Administration was typing up the daily reports, keeping track of inmate movement, writing up disciplinary reports and anything else the administration wanted. It was a good job. When the inmates were on “lock down”, I was always out to do my work. God was good to me.

God was good to me because I had made up my mind to serve Him. I didn’t go to church or get involved with the Bible studies that had nothing to do with changing lives. My job was to change my life. God sent me to prison to move me away from my family, the church and society so I would learn to depend on Him and Him alone. I would see these inmates going to church, singing loud and carrying their Bibles, but as soon as church was over, they were back to lying, stealing, fighting and playing the inmate prison games. The church taught them nothing to change their lives. All they were taught was “saved by grace”, and “the law didn’t need to be kept” since Jesus paid for it all. The church was all about fun, games and entertainment. I refused to get involved with the religious or prison politics.

It was this experience that led me to see that the behavior in prison was not much different from the churches outside of prison. Just a bunch of “saved by grace”, fun and games, entertainment with no desire to change the life. It was all about “What God can do for me” instead of “What is my obligation to God for all He has done for me?” It is all about church.

It was at Corcoran where my faith and beliefs began to be tested and developed. I believed in the teachings of Jesus. Most so-called Christians did not. They believed in the teachings of the church or Paul, as long as they could manipulate Paul to say what they wanted him to say. 2 Peter 3:16 reminds us that Paul says things in his letters “that are hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other Scriptures.”

Jesus was and is today not the God of the church system. It does not want to obey Him. An inmate came up to me one day and wanted to know why I believed in Jesus as God. He was a Jehovah’s Witness. Now, I had spent a few years in our Sabbath keeping colleges studying to be a minister. But Jesus told me He had a “higher” education for me. Now I was getting that “higher” education. Nothing the college or any of the Sabbath schools from first grade up to college prepared me for real life living in Jesus. Now I had to stand up and be counted. I soon learned that if you can’t defend your faith with the Bible, you have no faith at all. What was I to do?

I developed a habit of four times a day, morning, noon, evening and bedtime, coming before the Lord for worship. So when my friend asked me why I believed in Jesus as God, I turned to the Lord at my next worship and laid it before Him. Three days later while in worship, the Bible pages just seemed to turn and texts were highlighted. The Spirit of God took me through a whole Bible study on that topic.

Over the next several years the Spirit of God would come and continue to “open” the Bible to me and provide me with wonderful Bible studies. My faith grew deeper and deeper as my walk grew stronger and stronger with Jesus. The Bible became alive. Anytime I was not at work, out walking the yard, eating or sleeping, I was at a table or on my bunk studying the Bible. Men would gather around to listen and learn as much as they desired. Most rejected the teachings of Jesus. The teachings of Jesus were not what their church, denomination or beliefs agreed with. But because I stood tall for the teachings of Jesus and glorified His Law, He protected me, blessed me and stood very close to me.

After about a year of working in the Administration building, the Lord allowed a “prison power play” to turn me out of my job. So I knelt down and asked the Lord what He wanted me to do. Since I was His missionary, there in that dark world of sin, where did He want me to go? Where did He need me to serve Him? I learned that there was an opening in the education building for a clerk. I headed over and found myself in the ESL (English as a second language) classroom.

Mr. Garza was the instructor. He had spent his life in the Navy. He retired and got bored sitting around the house. He wanted to do something good with his life that would have meaning. He read in the newspaper of an opening at the Corcoran State Prison for an ESL instructor. He applied and was accepted. These people, those who work for the prison but are not guards, we call “free-people”. They are “free” to come and go as they like. :-)

Mr. Garza interviewed me and at the end asked me if I spoke Spanish. I told him that I did not. He stated that he wanted someone who could speak Spanish in order to converse with the students and help them in their learning of English. I told him I understood and left. When I was about half way down the hall, I heard these fast approaching footsteps from my rear. I turn around and there was Mr. Garza. He said, “You know, I have four T/As (Teacher’s Assistants) who can speak Spanish. I need a good clerk. You’re hired.” I spent the next year with Mr. Garza. Since both of us were military men, this part of my prison experience was one of my most enjoyable.

One day we were on lock down because of the fog. Mr. Garza came and escorted me over to the classroom. As we waited for the students to be escorted over by the security staff, I was busy reading my Bible. Mr. Garza’s desk was in front of mine so we could pass papers and materials back and forth.

Well, this morning, he rolled his chair over towards my desk and said, “You are an inmate!” Really? I wonder what tipped him off? Was it the prison blues I was wearing? But then he continued, “I want what you have.” I looked at him as if he had lost his mind. I am an inmate and have nothing. What could I have that he would want. He continued, “You are an inmate but you have so much peace. I am a free-man and have none. I want what you have.”

And that is when I shared with him my Christian beliefs. He could not believe that I had so much peace living in so much hate, pain and violence in prison. I shared with him that God is my protector and as long as I live in obedience to Him, He will glorify His name through me. Then I shared the book, “Great Controversy” with him. A month later he told me that he had read the book, given his heart to Jesus and was keeping the Sabbath. Praise God. About a month later my points dropped and I was transferred to a level 2 prison. I love working for Jesus.

“Selling” the “condo” at Corcoran and moving was not exactly up there on my most favorite things to do list. I had settled in and was comfortable. Two-man cells are nice. Things are quiet. Lots of order. Besides, state bus rides are not exactly Greyhound.

Upon reaching Chuckawalla State Prison, I found level two living was very different. No longer was I to be locked in a cell, no, now it was dorm living. I “sold” my “condo” for a “communal”. No quiet, no order and everyone coming and going. This also left me very open to attacks. Most men who come to prison do not get their best sleeping done in prison. They are always sleeping with one eye open. Me, on the other hand, never slept so well in all my life.

God blessed me very much there. I was able to get a clerk’s job for the Lieutenant of our yard. He was a very conscientious man and cared much for the men on the yard. Again, the Lord always has a purpose in everything that is done when we serve Him. Because of my clerk jobs I was able to type 100 wpm. That would be a great asset in my future work for Jesus in this ministry.

While at Chuckawalla the Lord used me to touch many hearts. I was able to start a Bible study class on the ballfield bleachers. This experience was the beginning in teaching me how to “teach” the Bible. Most of what was passed off as “teaching” by most of those who claimed to be “Christians” was mostly arguing, debating and telling. The Spirit of God taught me how to take people through the Bible, step by step, line upon line. This again was in the Lord’s plan for my future.

Since I was so different from the “normal” inmate, I didn’t settle in very well with most inmates. I was not a gang member. As a Christian, I associated with all. I did not let gang affiliation, race, religion or sexual orientation keep me from doing my duty as a Christian. I even enjoyed associating with the staff at all levels. After all, having spent three years in the military, prison wasn’t much different. Because of this, most avoided me since they were under the control of their various “handlers”, or “shot-callers” as they were called.

How sad. Christianity frees us from sin and sinners. They had placed themselves under the yoke and control of others to their own destruction. I have seen that control since leaving prison. It is very strong in the churches. People have given the control of their lives to their pastors, churches and denominations. Jesus tells us that no one is to have any control over us except Him. That is why so few “Christians” have found the peace that Jesus offers. They are attempting to reach the world’s standard instead of the high standard that Jesus offers us: freedom from sin and the control of the world.

Since it was a level 2 prison and more open and free, there were of course more fights, stabbings and the yard was locked down a lot. Again, as a clerk to the Lieutenant I was mostly out of the dorm and working which had it’s nice side effects. Chuckawalla is out in the desert where it gets 125* in the shade, not that there was much shade on a barren yard. But working in the office allowed me the privilege of air conditioning.

It was here that I became even more aware of the admonition of Paul to stay clear of the world. The Bible is very plain that we are not to get ourselves tangled up in the affairs of the world. Prison politics is as ignorant as the selfish inmates who partake in them. Pride, ego, selfishness and sin abound in prison. But I find that there is no difference in the world and churches of today. God’s truth is truly needed in our world and especially in the churches. But few care for His truth. People pick churches not for truth, but for acceptance of their sins. They find a church that accepts their sins and pay the pastor well to keep telling them that they are saved by grace and going to heaven in their sins. And society wonders why inmates keep going back to prison. No one is telling them that what they are doing is wrong. It is all “Saved by Grace”. The churches have lost their way.

Within six months, my points had dropped and I was on my way to level 1. Tehachapi was truly wonderful. What a contrast with the other prisons I was in. Most of the newer prisons are built for efficiency, not for aesthetics. The prisons are grey concrete with no color or vegetation. Life can become very depressing in the prison environment.

However, when I got to Tehachapi, the first thing I did was hug a tree. Green, green, green all over the place. Well, there was a reason for all the green. Tehachapi used to be a women’s prison. They always get the best. But in 1952 an earthquake hit Tehachapi and the third floor of the women’s dorm collapsed killing some women. They moved the women to another prison and Tehachapi became a men’s prison. Therefore, it was extremely nice. We even had a laundromat for our personal use. Most of us even had our own room keys. The housing for inmates were not “cells” but more like college rooms. Well, college rooms of the 1930s.
Besides the green trees, bushes, grass and other vegetation making the place more like home, there were animals. Huge owls could be seen in the trees. So large in fact, that I was concerned for some of the smaller inmates. I could just see one of them getting another case for trying to escape while being carried over the fence by an owl.

Tehachapi level one was very relaxed. No one caused any trouble there. Not one inmate wanted to be moved anywhere else. Therefore all inmates were very content and got along with everyone. It was “heaven”. It was so relaxed that the fence was falling down. I could not believe it. You could walk up to the fence and almost push it over. But then again, Tehachapi is up in the mountains far, far away from civilization. Where would an inmate go if he did escape? As a matter of fact, a couple of undocumented Hispanic inmates thought they would try. So, deep into the winter months, with snow all over the place, and during a snow storm to cover their tracks, they simply “walked” over the fence. Snow can get deep there. Three days later they were begging to be brought back. Inmates from Mexico have no idea how cold snow is. One day while jogging the track along the fence, I was going by a gate that was open. I heard the officer in the tower speaking through the squawk box by the gate asking if I wouldn’t mind shutting the gate.

I went looking for a job and found one as clerk to a teacher in education. It was a good job. This job actually allowed me to leave my yard to work in education on level 2. So I was able to have a bit more moving around room. After about a year in education I moved to the kitchen as clerk. Then a couple of months later I finished out my time as clerk to the upholstery teacher. In this shop the inmates were taught the vocation of upholstery. Furniture was brought in and the community paid to have their furniture upholstered and repaired by inmates. I truly enjoyed that job. Very kick back and more like “family”.

It was at Tehachapi where the Lord really did His best work in training me for this ministry. You see, if you, a free person out here in society don’t agree with someone, you just “unfollow”, “unfriend”, turn the channel, walk away or go home. You don’t need to listen, learn or practice “testing of the spirits” as the Bible commands. For most “Christians” it is simply, “I don’t believe that” and the ears hear no more. Christians no longer do the searching and testing God requires. “If my church doesn’t teach it, it must not be of God.” How sad.

In prison you can’t just “walk away”. After all, where are you going to go? Therefore, I was in constant contact with many different opinions about Christianity. Everyone wanted to be a “teacher” and no one wanted to learn. Reminds me of many “Christians” in our churches today.

Because I taught the teachings of Jesus, very few wanted to listen. The opinion going around by some who claimed to be great teachers, was that the teachings of Jesus were done away with at the cross. Once Jesus died everything He taught was now obsolete. I could not believe their satanic opinions. How could God, who does not change, who came to teach us truth, teach that which He knew would be a waste and be done away with as soon as He died. Couldn’t be.

One day while I was sitting on a nice grassy lawn, reading my Bible and having worship, a young man came and sat down to study with me. It wasn’t but a few minutes before two other “Christian” men came and literally picked him up and told him that he was not allowed to communicate with me. Wow! How unchristlike. But again, we see that same attitude in many churches of the world. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics and many others are not allowed to study any other material or have Bible studies with any other religion, unless authorized by their handlers. So satanic.

God is a God of freedom and individual exploration, study and testing. Never are we to let a pastor, church or denomination take that duty from us personally. Never are we to give our salvation to anything, anyone or any denomination other than Jesus. Salvation is a personal and individual thing. No church or denomination can save one person. It can’t even give you a “leg up”. Jesus and Jesus only. Our personal salvation is to be an experimental religion.

I was amazed at the deception the “Christians” were willing to teach simply because they hated truth. For instance, I came up to a Bible study in which the “teacher” was telling the “student” that when Jesus rose from the grave He was a “spirit” and had no flesh and bone as we humans do. Therefore, we would be “spirits” when we were raised from the grave like Jesus. And yet this concept goes totally against what Jesus taught. Jesus said to Thomas after His resurrection, “Behold My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself: handle Me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see Me have.” Luke 24:39.

It was this constant hate for Jesus that confused me. How could they claim to “love” Jesus and hate what He taught. Jesus said “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” John 14:15. I soon learned that this so-called “love” for Jesus was just a cover for their hatred of Jesus and anything that had to do with law and order. They were inmates and their lives had been filled with selfishness, getting what they wanted and hating any rules or laws that got in the way of their selfish desires. So I found it to be with people in the churches of the world. They claim to “love” Jesus as long as that “love” does not require them to change their lives and live as Jesus commands them to live. Their religion is all about “what Jesus does for me” and nothing about what Jesus commands us to do for Him. Nothing about our obligations to “walk as Jesus walked” in obedience to His Father’s commands. 1 John 2:6. Church going was just a cover for sinfulness.

Over the years that I was in prison I was able to watch a very interesting phenomena. Inmates coming to prison, claiming to be “saved”, going to church, carrying and reading their Bibles, singing in the choir, then going home. After a few months they were right back in claiming that it was God’s will for them to continue breaking God’s laws and the laws of the land. No change! What were they “saved” from?

They kept telling me that Jesus came to abolish the Law and do away with it. I just could not understand their total hypocrisy and stupidity. Jesus plainly teaches, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil” Matthew 5:17. You can’t have Jesus destroying that which He came not to destroy. But because they have been taught such lies and hate for Jesus they are not able to see the clear contradictions in their thinking and living. They claim that to “fulfil” is to abolish, thereby making a liar out of Jesus. They just couldn’t wrap their minds around the concept that to “fulfil” does not mean to abolish but to magnify, make it honorable and to make it indestructible. In other words, to fulfil something is to obey it.

If I fulfil the speed limit, I am obeying it and that does not abolish it for anyone else following behind me. My fulfilling of the speed limit honors the law, magnifies it and lets people know that I respect it and obey it.
The problem I found was that they hated Jesus so much for keeping the Law and then requiring them to follow His example that they were willing to put their church or the teachings of Paul above Jesus. The church and Paul became their “god”. They would take Paul and twist his statements to claim that Jesus did away with the moral law the Ten Commandments. But again, we have two very important problems.

1. That would make a liar out of Paul who tells us that the only thing that counts is the keeping of the commandments (1 Corinthians 7:19) and
2. It makes a liar out of Jesus. And the Bible is very plain that no liars will be in Heaven. Therefore, if they are true, Jesus is not in Heaven.

I realized that what Peter said was very true about these people, they are “ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other Scriptures.” 2 Peter 3:16. In order to satisfy their wicked lives they are willing to make Jesus and Paul liars. How sick. But that is what sin does.

But the most important concept I learned while at Tehachapi was the concept of “grace”. One day an “elder” of the church, an inmate who thought he was somebody very special and great, told me, “We don’t have to obey the Law since we are ‘saved by grace’”. As I thought about that, I came to realize that he was correct. If we are “saved” eternally by grace, we don’t need to keep the Ten Commandments. Why? Because grace is “unmerited”. That means that you can do nothing for it. I knew that we had to keep the Ten Commandments, but in order to refute such a satanic teaching I had to know what “grace” was and how it “saved”.

I went back to my room and knelt before the Lord and just told Him plainly that the man was correct. But I knew that he was wrong. So I ask Jesus to teach me what “grace” was and how it saved. Three days later while in worship the Bible opened up and the pages began to turn and texts were highlighted. That was the greatest Bible study I ever had. I learned what “grace” was and what its function was. Finally my mind was at rest. Peace came to my soul. You could say that the proverbial “light bulb” went off in my head. In this case, it was the “Light” of the Spirit of God filling my mind. Or as the Bible says, the sun was rising in my knowledge of the truth.

This phase of my instruction was complete. By this time I had read the Bible through over 30 times. The Spirit of God had met with me often and instructed me. I had learned to trust Him and communicate with Him. But most importantly I was learning how to listen to the Spirit of God. Listening which did not require any church, denomination or person: only Jesus.

The week before I was to be released I was instructed that the prison committee was going over my case to see if I could be released or needed to be kept longer. I got on my knees and made a vow to God. I would not eat until I was released. Seven days later I was paroled.

I went home and my folks took me in. Not knowing what to do, my mom paid for a correspondence course in Medical Billing. Well, I was never one for memorizing and to be a Medical Billing specialist I would need the skill of memorization. However, God used this correspondence course for another reason. I was looking at it from the perspective of how they put it together, physically. It looked like it was composed on a home computer, printed and then bound. Pretty simple. I could not see into the future, but Jesus did. I would remember that and He would use it in His future plans for me and this ministry.

The other wonderful thing my folks did for me was getting me a computer. Keep in mind, this was 1996. Computers were very new to the public. They were not exactly “user friendly”. But they were getting better. I began exploring the computer and learning how to use it.

Then about 30 days after being out Jesus used a “violation” excuse to put me back into prison. This is called “Return To Custody” (RTC). God had more training for me to do, but from a different perspective. Just as Joseph had one perspective when sold into slavery, then he had another perspective when he was put into prison. This time I entered prison, not as a “student” but as a “teacher”.

I was sent to Chino Prison for Men while they decided where to place me in the prison system. I immediately began teaching what I had been taught by the Spirit of God. The reception I got from inmates was completely different from what it was before. Now the inmates listened. Bible studies were held and men began studying. One night while on my bunk reading the Bible a young man came up to me. He had been listening to the Bible studies and had given his heart to Jesus. So when he came up to me, it was as a brother in Christ. He asked me if I had anything for pain. He said he had the flu and was feeling terrible. I told him that I had no medicine. However, I would give him what I did have. I laid my hands on his head and prayed that Jesus would heal him. He left and within about 20 minutes he returned and let me know that the pain and sickness had left him. We praised God.

From RTC I was sent to do a simple seven month violation at Avenal State Prison. Here Jesus had more for me to learn. I was placed in a computer class. This class taught me all about the inside of computers. This would be very helpful in the ministry in years to come. I could not even begin to tell you how many computers I built in order to save money but also to have the specific internal parts needed for the work this ministry does.

My work for Jesus was growing and growing. When I sat down at a table to study, 10 to 20 inmates would gather around to listen and learn. It was awesome. At one time I saw this young man listening but then he left. Come to find out, he had to go to work. But later that night he came by my bunk while I was sleeping and woke me up asking for Bible studies. He had just gotten off work from the kitchen. So we went out onto the floor and studied.

However, this made Lucifer very unhappy. He was loosing his subjects. He instigated many inmates to try and kill me. A young man came up and told me very plainly that if I continued to teach the Sabbath, he would kill me. So I let him know that God would have to move him off the yard since I had to teach truth. A few days later an inmate came up to me and said, “Do you remember the man who threatened to kill you?” I nodded. He continued, “He has been moved off the yard.” This was very interesting since his removal had nothing to do with me. God simply moved him and the whole yard understood the power of God.

Another time an inmate,who was from Cambodia and skilled in Martial Arts, came up to me while I was lying on my bunk. I was on the top bunk and I had my head resting on my left hand. He came up and was talking nonsense and how I had to get off the yard or he would have to hurt me. I told him that I wasn’t going anywhere. Then, in a flash, his hand came up and he hit me in the nose with the heal of his hand.

Now the inmates were expecting me to be hurt very bad, if not dead by the driving of the nose bone into my brain. They expected lots of blood and screaming, etc. So they were all prepared for the C/Os and a lock down. However, the only one hurt was the Cambodian. He walked away shaking and holding his hand showing great pain. The next day the inmates were expecting to see lots of black and blue marks on my face. I had no cuts, no black and blue marks, nothing. No pain. God is very good to those who obey Him.

I learned in prison that I did not need to “defend” myself. God will defend us if we are living for Him. But if all we are doing is putting on a show and going to church, God can’t help us much.

One evening while sitting at “my” table, the janitors were going to sweep and mop the floor. We had a choice, go outside or go to our bunks. I decided to go outside. It was winter and the nights came early. I entered the queue and waited for the gate to open. When the gate opened, we all pushed into the little hallway that leads outdoors. We must wait in the hallway while the back gate shuts, then they open the front door. We all pushed out and then it was that I realized I made a mistake. It was raining. But the door had closed behind me and it would not be opened again for another hour. I raised my eyes and hand to heaven and ask Jesus to stop the rain until the door opened. Just then the clouds cleared away and the stars came out. It stayed clear and beautiful until the door opened. Then the rain came down. God is so good.

The seven months went by fast and when I paroled in 1997 I didn’t know what to do with my life. Serving the Lord was my top priority. How, was another matter. While in prison the Lord and I became very close. He had revealed Himself to me on such a personal level that when I paroled I felt as if I had been orphaned.
My folks had purchased a very small trailer which they set up in a small trailer park at Big Bear Lake, California. Being in the mountains and far away from “the world” I found myself back in the presence of God. We resumed our personal relationship. God sent His Holy Spirit to me to continue the work He started in prison. He set up this ministry by dictating and directing the book, “Change Your Life Biblically” to me. The rest of the story is in our initial newsletter and on our web site for those who wish to read more.

The sad part of all this is my family. God gave a gift to my family. He gave them a “poor brother” through whom they could develop their love for God. My sister was world famous in her medical field. She was well off. However, she never wrote me while I was in prison or sent even a dollar to bless. When I got out I was not invited to family functions. Within a few weeks of rejecting her “poor brother” and the book, “Change Your Life Biblically” that the Holy Spirit dictated, she became sick and has been on disability for 16 years and is now retired. She now needs a kidney to live. But she refuses to read, obey, teach, support and promote the book “Change Your Life Biblically” through which God has promised health and blessings. So sad. Like King Asa, “yet in his disease he sought not to the LORD, but to the physicians.” 2 Chronicles 16:12. Because of her support of the church, the conference and elders came and did their Catholic mumbo jumbo over her and anointed her with oil, but have done nothing to point out her sins like going to ball games on Sabbath.

My brother was also well-off in the medical field. He owned three homes and was in need of nothing. He also followed in the footsteps of my sister. Now he has lost everything: his wife, homes and most everything else. It breaks my heart. I pray that they will surrender their lives, read the book and obey it so God can heal and bless them.

On the other hand, those who read the material God is dictating and directing on our web site, obey it, teach it, promote it and support it are truly blessed. Because I work and live for Jesus, at 64 years of age, my doctors tell me I have the health of a 20 year old. I never get sick. God wants to glorify Himself through us if we will obey Jesus and Jesus only. May God bless you as you test yourself to see if you are in the faith of Jesus.



My Dear Family in Jesus,

“He that receiveth the seed into stony places, the same is he that heareth the word, and anon with joy receiveth it; yet hath he not root in himself, but dureth for a while; for when tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the word, by and by he is offended.”

The seed sown upon stony ground finds little depth of soil. The plant springs up quickly, but the root cannot penetrate the rock to find nutriment to sustain its growth, and it soon perishes. Many who make a profession of religion are stony-ground hearers. Like the rock underlying the layer of earth, the selfishness of the natural heart underlies the soil of their good desires and aspirations. The love of self is not subdued. They have not seen the exceeding sinfulness of sin, and the heart has not been humbled under a sense of its guilt. This class may be easily convinced, and appear to be bright converts, but they have only a superficial religion.

It is not because men receive the word immediately, nor because they rejoice in it, that they fall away. As soon as Matthew heard the Saviour’s call, immediately he rose up, left all, and followed Him. As soon as the divine word comes to our hearts, God desires us to receive it; and it is right to accept it with joy. “Joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth.” Luke 15:7. And there is joy in the soul that believes on Christ. But those who in the parable are said to receive the word immediately, do not count the cost. They do not consider what the word of God requires of them. They do not bring it face to face with all their habits of life, and yield themselves fully to its control.

The roots of the plant strike down deep into the soil, and hidden from sight nourish the life of the plant. So with the Christian; it is by the invisible union of the soul with Christ (not church), through faith, that the spiritual life is nourished. But the stony-ground hearers depend upon self instead of Christ. They trust in their good works and good impulses, and are strong in their own righteousness. They are not strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Such a one “hath not root in himself”; for he is not connected with Christ.

The hot summer sun, that strengthens and ripens the hardy grain, destroys that which has no depth of root. So he who “hath not root in himself,” “dureth for a while”; but “when tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the word, by and by he is offended.” Many receive the gospel as a way of escape from suffering, rather than as a deliverance from sin. They rejoice for a season, for they think that religion will free them from difficulty and trial. While life moves smoothly with them, they may appear to be consistent Christians. But they faint beneath the fiery test of temptation. They cannot bear reproach for Christ’s sake. When the word of God points out some cherished sin, or requires self-denial or sacrifice, they are offended. It would cost them too much effort to make a radical change in their life. They look at the present inconvenience and trial, and forget the eternal realities. Like the disciples who left Jesus, they are ready to say, “This is an hard saying; who can hear it?” John 6:60. (Like the Sabbath keeping “Christians” in Africa who, when the Muslims, take over, for convenience sake switch to Islam. They were only sitting in a church but did not know Jesus.)

There are very many who claim to serve God, but who have no experimental knowledge of Him. Their desire to do His will is based upon their own inclination, not upon the deep conviction of the Holy Spirit. Their conduct is not brought into harmony with the law of God. They profess to accept Christ as their Saviour, but they do not believe that He will give them power to overcome their sins. They have not a personal relation with a living Saviour, and their characters reveal defects both hereditary and cultivated.

It is one thing to assent in a general way to the agency of the Holy Spirit, and another thing to accept His work as a reprover calling to repentance. Many feel a sense of estrangement from God, a realization of their bondage to self and sin; they make efforts for reform; but they do not crucify self. They do not give themselves entirely into the hands of Christ, seeking for divine power to do His will. They are not willing to be molded after the divine similitude. In a general way they acknowledge their imperfections, but they do not give up their particular sins. With each wrong act the old selfish nature is gaining strength. (It is only church going.)

The only hope for these souls is to realize in themselves the truth of Christ’s words to Nicodemus, “Ye must be born again.” “Except a man be born from above, he can not see the kingdom of God.” John 3:7, 3, margin.

True holiness is wholeness in the service of God. This is the condition of true Christian living. Christ asks for an unreserved consecration, for undivided service. He demands the heart, the mind, the soul, the strength. Self is not to be cherished. He who lives to himself is not a Christian.

Love must be the principle of action. Love is the underlying principle of God’s government in heaven and earth, and it must be the foundation of the Christian’s character. This alone can make and keep him steadfast. This alone can enable him to withstand trial and temptation.

And love will be revealed in sacrifice. The plan of redemption was laid in sacrifice—a sacrifice so broad and deep and high that it is immeasurable. Christ gave all for us, and those who receive Christ will be ready to sacrifice all for the sake of their Redeemer. The thought of His honor and glory will come before anything else.

If we love Jesus, we shall love to live for Him, to present our thank offerings to Him, to labor for Him. The very labor will be light. For His sake we shall covet pain and toil and sacrifice. We shall sympathize with His longing for the salvation of men. We shall feel the same tender craving for souls that He has felt.

This is the religion of Christ. Anything short of it is a deception. No mere theory of truth or profession of discipleship will save any soul. (Sitting in Church won’t save you.) We do not belong to Christ unless we are His wholly. It is by halfheartedness in the Christian life that men become feeble in purpose and changeable in desire. The effort to serve both self and Christ makes one a stony-ground hearer, and he will not endure when the test comes upon him.{COL 46-50}



Dear Brother in Christ,
I am a believer and learned so much from your book, “Change Your Life Biblically”. I have read it once so far and referenced it countless times and even had a discussion with someone claiming to be “the Messiah” about how the Bible warns us about people claiming to be the Messiah and countered his every statement with scripture and exposed his flawed/twisted scripture quotes with the truth; thanks to your book and the Holy Spirit revealing the mysteries of the Word to me. I am on your mailing list for the newsletter but recently moved from county to prison. I was reading the “Remnant Church” in the newsletter but didn’t remember which issue it was I read last. I realize I will be at reception for a few months then move again but don’t want to miss any of the encouraging words in your newsletters. I also would like to participate in your Bible studies so I can learn more and continue to help others. I did a “Bible study” in county where I would read a few chapters and then we (2 to 6 guys) would discuss what we learned or scripture that jumped out at us. It was more of a Bible reading than study. But it helped us learn together and it’s all I could come up with to “study” with others. We also would get together each night (if not locked down) and have a prayer circle. Out of 60-80 men in the module, we would get 10-36 guys (Average of 24) of all races and affiliations together and say specific prayer for those in need and for friends and family and close with the Lord’s Prayer. It shocked many C/O’s to see us hold hands and pray. Some C/O’s would let guys on modified come out to pray too. I pray that they are keeping it going since I left. I have an NIV Bible and read it 4 times while at county for 14 months. I have really slowed down and tried to understand the meaning of verses this time reading it. I have 3 pages of notes of scripture to reference and stories like Sampson, David and Goliath to share with others. I want to learn all I can and am trying to get a routine established for my studies as well as fighting my case. My wife and I are trying to write each other sharing what we learn about Christ along the way. Being in prison, I’m not sure of how I could help your ministry, but I would like to especially once I get out of reception. Any suggestions? Thank you and God bless.
Ken, CA

Dear Sirs,
I am currently incarcerated in New Jersey. I am writing to you today to request a copy of “Change Your Life Biblically”. I sent an e-mail to you several weeks ago requesting a copy but received no response. I am uncertain as to whether you received it.
Jeffrey, NJ

I would like to request the Christian literature, newsletter and “Change Your Life Biblically”. I also request Bible correspondence studies if you have them. I’ll be appreciated.
Albert, CA

Dear JCPM,
I appreciate receiving your newsletters. Thank you for sending them to me.
Silas, WA

To Whom It May Concern,
I am interested in any spiritual materials you may be able to forward to me. Anything you have would be appreciated.
Alyce, CA

Dear Brother Ron,
I know that by far I am the worst student you had. Not only did I not finish the first lesson but I also lost the great book, CYLB. I was wondering if it is possible that you could send me another? What happened was that they transferred me to another prison. I want you to know so that you are aware of my new address and send me my newsletter to the new address. Most important that we may stay in touch. Also, I want you to know that somehow I received the special issue newsletter which I am still reading.
Roman, CA

I am writing you today to ask if you have any books available? I will be incarcerated for an indeterminate amount of time.
Nathaniel, AK

I was told that you offer Bible studies with a study helper and that after the study is over I can get a pen-pal. Is that true?
Steven, FL

Dear Brother Ron,
I just received your letter today. I am very interested in joining this ministry and making it my future and my career. I feel like this is what God has called me to do. I am willing to donate all of my time and myself to this ministry. I believe with all your help and training I would be able to better my life in Jesus and bring lost souls to the Lord through your ministry. I am ready to give up my old life and live the way Jesus wants me to live for His glory. I would love to have a career in helping others change their lives. I am ready to live a totally new life and give up everything in my past for a brand new future.
Sherman, TN

Greetings Brother Ron,
I again must apologize for not writing sooner. I just haven’t written any letter in quite a while. I and the last remaining Sabbath keeper were sent here on this last move. I missed hearing any turnout Friday Evening, but learned today that there is a sizable turnout for the Sabbath services. This is a plus. I’ll get your flyers distributed during the next service and prior as I talk to the guys during the week. The righteous path is a difficult one for most of the guys. It is a path that is not too well known amongst the guys. Being back again in this unit after being gone a while and seeing numerous past acquaintances, I see that many have drifted away from the Word and very few remained true to what they said they would be doing. For the better part, I see that they are trying to stay in the truth and are avoiding the various religious denominations that are present on the yard.

Dear Jesus Christ Prison Ministry,
As I walk with the Lord, I want to share His message with my fellow inmates. If you have any information that may be able to help me, I will be grateful.
Rebecca, CA

Dear Brother,
I am a fellow brother in Jesus Christ. I would love to receive your Bible study course. Thank you.
Geuka, CA

I am a new believer in Christ and would like to know if you can please send me a Bible before I get released. I would love to have a Bible to take out of prison with me.
Terri, CA

To Whom It May Concern,
I’m a 32 year old believer in Jesus. I am serving a nine year prison sentence. I came across your address in a resource directory here in the building and was wondering what you provided for inmates. Thank you for your time.
Johann, CA

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing to let you know that my address has changed. Thank you for your time and effort in this matter.
Michael, CA

Dear Ronald,
Thank you for writing me back. I have learned more since my last letter, in thanks to your book. Upon reading it again, as I did the test sheets, I found more detailed information. It was a bit hard to understand exactly what answer you were looking for on certain questions, so I put the answer I felt equally well so the test sheets are a bit messy. I went through them and believe the answers I gave fit the questions. I got frustrated a couple times and had to stop. So I prayed and realized the devil wanted me to get mad and give up. So I persevered. I kept wondering why I had to keep jumping back and forth to different sections to get the answers in the correct context. It’s not like a regular book and test that goes from front to back. I realized it is because it is not a “regular book”. It is because it is like the Bible where there are many things happening at once (parallel prophecy) and we need to stay prayerful, calm and search as if looking for treasure. I did give out flyers and the address, but the turnover of guys moving to different modules and going home was constant. I never knew if anyone got the book or not. I am on lockdown so I have only had a limited chance to talk to anyone here. I have passed out flyers and your address and will continue to do so. I am still interested in more studies and excited about hearing and understanding more. The increase of fires, floods, earthquakes etc., are pointing to Jesus coming back soon. I will continue to pass our your address and send as many people to you as I can. I did understand about “working” on the Sabbath and donating my time “for the good of the inmates”. Thank you. I have some names and address of people who were interested in your book that I talked to.
Ken, CA

Dear Brother Ron,
You have not put a damper on my hopes and dreams. With God, all things are possible, if it is His will. I have been studying 2nd Peter’s 8 Steps and am in the process of writing the four page letter and memorizing the 8 steps booklet. I am a very dependable person. Hard working and very respectful. I have been on my own since I was 16 years old. I have worked construction since then. I love to work and learn new things. I am not a mouthy person and never have been. I’m good at listening to instruction and following directions. I need a mentor, someone I can look up to and someone That can guide me in the right direction in life and help me live a life worthy of the Lord’s presence. I love all people equally and do not look to anyone’s faults cause if God can forgive them, how am I to hold them accountable for something God has forgiven them for. I am tired of living a life for the world. I just end up in jails and prisons. I have given up the ways of the world as soon as I got on my knees and humbled myself to ask God to forgive me of my sins. I have no wants or desires other than to do God’s will and to tell others of God’s Word and His plan of salvation. I am trying to live a new life acceptable to God. My only desire is to please God and become a new creature. I would love nothing more than to give my life for this ministry in bringing the good news to prisoners.
Sherman, TN

Brother Ronald,
Please excuse my untimely response. I’ve meant to mail you this offering earlier, but I allowed the daily cycles of each day to forget. Other than that, I’m truly well. I’ve begun to attend certain classes here to be productive. I’m a lifer, without parole. Since I grew up in a violent home, I’m attending a Lifer’s Class. I’m learning a lot. Plus, work is going smooth. Thanks to the $7 a month, I’m able to mail my only child a gift here and there. This last month I drew her a Bible theme drawing on a new white hat with scripture. It feels good to give to your child. Especially since she is all I got. Certain brothers stand out as truly established. God has men here.
Frankie, CA

Dear Ron,
Thank you for such an awesome Bible study. My life was spinning out of control, a mix of anger and emptiness defined me. Desperate for the real truth, after reading “Change Your Life Biblically”, I’m to a place of rest. Amazing, remarkable, profound book. The biblical truth has removed the scales off my eyes. It took me 7 times to read the book to truly understand. Awesome book my brother.
Noah, TX

Hi Brother Ron,
I hope you are well. Me and my friend would like to do the program. I’m sending all in one envelope due to both of us being indigent. It’s hard to get stamps. We are very eager to start.
Steven, FL

Hi There,
I am a Christian. I would like to receive any literature, prayer books, Scripture readings, pictures of religious nature or a Bible if you offer any. I would like to better my life with our Lord.
Andrew, CA

Dear Brother Ron,
I would like to apologize for having taken so long with the answer sheets. I want to thank you for your patience and once again, thank you for this wonderful work you have done in this book.
There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit has given you this inspiration. I am praying that all those that have the opportunity to read this book, the Lord touch their hearts so they can receive this truth and become part of those that are watching and praying, so all can be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass very soon and be able to see the face of Jesus at His coming.
Walter, CA

To Whom It May Concern,
I am tired of doing time and tired of the way my life is going. So I’m trying to change. I’m an ex-satanist for 10 years and now I’m searching for a better way of life cause the way I was living isn’t working. I came across this pamphlet and thought I would give the Lord a chance. I have been soul searching for 5 months now and the devil has been pulling my strings pretty hard. But I’m doing my best to fight the urge of temptation and it’s hard, but I’m trying. I wanted to try your “Change Your Life Biblically” workbook and earn the free Bible. If you could help me, I would really appreciate it.
Conrad, CA

Dear JCPM,
I happened to come into contact with a brother in Christ who has blessed me with the introduction of the “Change Your Life Biblically” study book. He allowed me to skim through it and I have to say that it has opened my eyes and been a big help in clearing up some confusion on different topics of study in the Bible. It also has confirmed through scriptures many things I feel have been abandoned by many churches. Teachings these days like being saved by grace alone and that all has been done on the cross for us without us submitting to the whole word of God, Old and New Testament. I have to thank you Ron for your hours of study and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit for inspiring you to write this book and your obedience in following through with it. I’m writing you to ask for my own copy of the book and any other material you may be able to help me with. Right now I am unable to help financially seeing as I am indigent but as soon as I can I will try to send in a donation. By the way, the individual who introduced me to your book is Marvin. We have been fellowshipping together and studying your book together. I believe the Lord is behind us meeting at this point in my life as well as coming into contact with your book. I have struggled in my walk for many years but I never had the concepts of the scriptures explained to me the way that your book does it. I’ve always believed that more emphasis should be placed on the Old Testament even though a lot of people seem to say otherwise. I will continue to pray for you and your ministry and also become more involved in ministry myself.
Rodney, TX

Dear Brother Ron,
I want to thank you for the newsletters I receive every month. For me it was a confirmation on a conversation a brother and I were having, thank you, thank you Jesus. Speaking of this brother, he just got here this past week and he is a blessing and an answer to my prayers. Since James went home. This brother, Rodney, has never heard of you, but he is aware of the 7th day Sabbath keeping. Our Father has put him in my path at the right time. I say this because I was about to fall back into the pagan worship on Sunday. It has been hard standing on my beliefs, alone, in the physical realm. I have been attending a Bible study which they call a “discipleship class” of about 25-30 inmates. There are two inmates in charge of it and teaching it. I will say, 80 percent of it is good teachings, the other 20 percent is not teaching the true truth. Those 2 teaching it is their way to the highway, so to speak. Before James left we had an encounter over the Sabbath and being saved by grace. They would not and will not hear what we or I had to say about it.
Then this brother pulled up off of chain, what a comfort and an enlightening. Jesus has used him in getting my courage back up to keep standing for the 10 Commandments. I gave him your 8 Step work pamphlet to read and he decided to read it a second time and fill it out and request the CYLB workbook. Plus, he is scanning through mine. Thank you and thank Jesus.
Marvin, TX


Testimony for God's People

My Dear Family in Jesus,

Let us carefully read the message from our Heavenly Father and Elder Brother. They love us so much, but their love can’t save us. We must be obedient to their commands in order to achieve Heaven and eternal life. “I gave them my commands and taught them my laws, which bring life to anyone who obeys them.” Ezekiel 20:11. Let us listen now to those messages given by Heaven for our character development.

I have sought to do my duty. I have pointed out the special sins of some. I was shown that in the wisdom of God the sins and errors of all would not be revealed. All would have sufficient light to see their sins and errors, if they desired to do so and earnestly wished to put them away, and to perfect holiness in the fear of the Lord. They could see what sins God marked and reproved in others. If these were cherished by themselves, they should know that they were abhorred of God and were separated from Him; and that unless they earnestly and zealously set about the work of putting them away they would be left in darkness. God is too pure to behold iniquity. A sin is just as grievous in His sight in one case as in another. No exception will be made by an impartial God. All who are guilty are addressed in these individual testimonies, although their names may not be attached to the special testimony borne; and if individuals pass over and cover up their own sins because their names are not especially called, they will not be prospered of God. They cannot advance in the divine life, but will become darker and darker, until the light of heaven will be entirely withdrawn.

As you can see, these Testimonies from God have not been accepted in the church that claims to be “of God”. The Sabbath keeping church no longer calls sin by its rightful name. Not only that, but it says we “can’t stop sinning”, that “we can’t be perfect”, that “we can’t keep the Ten Commandments”. If you are taught you “can’t” then you will not try. God says we “can”. Your church is taking you to hell if you are sitting in it listening to “saved by grace”.

Those who profess godliness, yet are not sanctified by the truth which they profess, will not change materially their course of action, which they know is hateful before God, because they are not subjected to the trial of being reproved individually for their sins. They see, by the testimonies of others, their own case faithfully pointed out before them. They are cherishing the same evil. By continuing their course of sin, they are violating their consciences, hardening their hearts, and stiffening their necks, just the same as though the testimony had been borne directly to them. In passing on and refusing to put away their sins and correct their wrongs by humble confession, repentance, and humiliation, they choose their own way, and are given up to the same, and are finally led captive by Satan at his will. They may become quite bold because they are able to conceal their sins from others and because the judgments of God do not come in a visible manner upon them. They may be apparently prosperous in this world. They may deceive poor, shortsighted mortals and be regarded as patterns of piety while in their sins. But God cannot be deceived. “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil. Though a sinner do evil an hundred times, and his days be prolonged, yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, which fear before Him: but it shall not be well with the wicked, neither shall he prolong his days, which are as a shadow; because he feareth not before God.” Although the life of a sinner may be prolonged upon the earth, yet not in the earth made new. He shall be of that number whom David mentions in his psalm: “For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be. But the meek shall inherit the earth.”

This is why “church” has become so dangerous. Over the last 100 years, generation after generation has grown up in a church that no longer is fighting against sin. Therefore, the members have become hardened in sin and pass on to their children a sense that sin is acceptable. The whole church is sick and dying. That is why we are commanded, in these last days of earth’s history, to come out of all of them. The churches put on a show but their hearts are filled with blackness. The churches no longer teach “the fear of God”.

Mercy and truth are promised to the humble and penitent, but judgments are prepared for the sinful and rebellious. “Justice and judgment are the habitation of Thy throne.” A wicked and adulterous people will not escape the wrath of God and the punishment they have justly earned. Man has fallen; and it will be the work of a lifetime, be it longer or shorter, to recover from that fall, and regain, through Christ, the image of the divine, which he lost by sin and continued transgression. God requires a thorough transformation of soul, body, and spirit in order to regain the estate lost through Adam. The Lord mercifully sends rays of light to show man his true condition. If he will not walk in the light he manifests a pleasure in darkness. He will not come to the light lest his deeds shall be reproved.

The churches today don’t even know the teachings of Jesus, to stop sinning, to be perfect and to keep the Ten Commandments to get your eternal life. They have stopped teaching God’s teachings and are now filled with human, worldly teachings that sound so good to the sinful, human heart. Peace and safety is all that is taught in the churches. That includes the Sabbath keeping churches. This ministry is part of those “rays of light to show man his true condition.” Will you accept these rays of light?

The case of N. Fuller has caused me much grief and anguish of spirit. That he should yield himself to the control of Satan to work wickedness as he has done is terrible. I believe that God designed that this case of hypocrisy and villainy should be brought to light in the manner it has been, that it might prove a warning to others. Here is a man who was acquainted with the teachings of the Bible, and who had listened to testimonies borne by me in his presence against the very sins which he was practicing. More than once he had heard me speak decidedly in regard to the prevailing sins of this generation, that corruption was teeming everywhere, that base passions controlled men and women generally, that among the masses crimes of the darkest dye were continually practiced, and they were reeking in their own corruption. The nominal churches are filled with fornication and adultery, crime and murder, the result of base, lustful passion; but these things are kept covered. Ministers in high places are guilty; yet a cloak of godliness covers their dark deeds, and they pass on from year to year in their course of hypocrisy. The sins of the nominal churches have reached unto heaven, and the honest in heart will be brought to the light and come out of them.

Please note, the honest in heart will come out of all the churches. All are “nominal”. All have fallen. All are involved in women’s ordination, music, money, “love of God”, gay rights and “celebration”. But none of that is important for our salvation. The devil is using those as smoke screens. God has already warned us about all those topics, but the churches don’t want to hear since they are not Politically Correct.

From the light that God has given me, fornication and adultery are estimated by a large number of the first-day Adventists as sins which God winks at. These sins are practiced to a great extent. They do not acknowledge the claims of God’s law upon them. They have broken the commandments of the great Jehovah and zealously teach their hearers to do the same, declaring that the law of God is abolished and has no claims upon them. In accordance with this free state of things, sin does not appear so exceedingly sinful; “for by the law is the knowledge of sin.” We may expect to find in this company men who will deceive, and lie, and give loose rein to lustful passions. But men and women who acknowledge the Ten Commandments binding, who observe the fourth commandment of the Decalogue, should carry out in their lives the principles of all ten of the precepts given in awful grandeur from Sinai.

No longer just the “first-day Adventists” but all the world, all churches including the Sabbath keepers. Like the Jews, they go to church on the 7th day of the week and then sin like crazy the rest of the week. Church is nothing more than a cover for breaking all the other commandments.

Seventh-day Adventists, who profess to be looking for and loving the appearing of Christ, should not follow the course of worldlings. These are no criterion for commandment keepers. Neither should they pattern after first-day Adventists, who refuse to acknowledge the claims of the law of God and trample it under their feet. This class should be no criterion for them. Commandment-keeping Adventists occupy a peculiar, exalted position. John viewed them in holy vision and thus described them: “Here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.”

Keep in mind, this was written right around 1886. The Seventh-day Adventist had just organized into a “church” only 20 years earlier and were still very much pure having come out from other churches during the reformation of the 1840s. But the church is no longer that church. As the Jews of Christ’s day were no longer the “Jews” of David’s day.

The Lord made a special covenant with ancient Israel: “Now therefore, if ye will obey My voice indeed, and keep My covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto Me above all people: for all the earth is Mine: and ye shall be unto Me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation.” He addresses His commandment-keeping people in these last days: “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” “Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.”

Not all who profess to keep the commandments of God possess their bodies in sanctification and honor. The most solemn message ever committed to mortals has been entrusted to this people, and they can have a powerful influence if they will be sanctified by it. They profess to be standing upon the elevated platform of eternal truth, keeping all of God’s commandments; therefore, if they indulge in sin, if they commit fornication and adultery, their crime is of tenfold greater magnitude than is that of the classes I have named, who do not acknowledge the law of God as binding upon them. In a peculiar sense do those who profess to keep God’s law dishonor Him and reproach the truth by transgressing its precepts.

It was the prevalence of this very sin, fornication, among ancient Israel, which brought upon them the signal manifestation of God’s displeasure. His judgments then followed close upon their heinous sin; thousands fell, and their polluted bodies were left in the wilderness. “But with many of them God was not well pleased: for they were overthrown in the wilderness. Now these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted. Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play. Neither let us commit fornication, as some of them committed, and fell in one day three and twenty thousand. Neither let us tempt Christ, as some of them also tempted, and were destroyed of serpents. Neither murmur ye, as some of them also murmured, and were destroyed of the destroyer. Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come. Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.”

Seventh-day Adventists, above all other people in the world, should be patterns of piety, holy in heart and in conversation. I related in the presence of N. Fuller that the people whom God had chosen as His peculiar treasure were required to be elevated, refined, sanctified, partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. Should they who make so high a profession indulge in sin and iniquity, their guilt would be very great. The Lord reproves the sins of one, that others may take warning and fear.

Warnings and reproofs are not given to the erring among Seventh-day Adventists because their lives are more blameworthy than are the lives of professed Christians of the nominal churches, nor because their example or their acts are worse than those of the Adventists who will not yield obedience to the claims of God’s law, but because they have great light, and have by their profession taken their position as God’s special, chosen people, having the law of God written in their hearts. They signify their loyalty to the God of heaven by yielding obedience to the laws of His government. They are God’s representatives upon the earth. Any sin in them separates them from God and, in a special manner, dishonors His name by giving the enemies of His holy law occasion to reproach His cause and His people, whom He has called “a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people,” that they should show forth the praises of Him that hath called them out of darkness into His marvelous light.

However, we are not a “royal priesthood” if our lives are no different than the world around us. Going to church on Sabbath doesn’t make us holy. If we are sinning, we are no different than any other sinner. Sinning in a church that goes to church on the Sabbath is no different than sinning and going to church on Sunday. All sin will be destroyed. All sinners will be destroyed. Only those who have believed Jesus and are obedient to His word to stop sinning, be perfect and to keep the Ten Commandments to get our eternal life will go to Heaven.

The people who are at war with the law of the great Jehovah, who consider it a special virtue to talk, write, and act the most bitter and hateful things to show their contempt of that law, may make exalted profession of love to God, and apparently have much religious zeal, as did the Jewish chief priests and elders; yet, in the day of God, “Found wanting” will be said of them by the Majesty of heaven. “By the law is the knowledge of sin.” The mirror which would discover to them the defects in their characters, they are infuriated against, because it points out their sins. Leading Adventists who have rejected the light are fired with madness against God’s holy law, as the Jewish nation were against the Son of God. They are in a terrible deception, deceiving others and being deceived themselves. They will not come to the light, lest their deeds should be reproved. Such will not be taught. But the Lord reproves and corrects the people who profess to keep His law. He points out their sins and lays open their iniquity because He wishes to separate all sin and wickedness from them, that they may perfect holiness in His fear and be prepared to die in the Lord or to be translated to heaven. God rebukes, reproves, and corrects them, that they may be refined, sanctified, elevated, and finally exalted to His own throne. {2T 447-452}

And that is precisely why we must get out of our churches today. The “Leading Adventists” no longer believe in the teachings of Jesus. All the leaders of the Sabbath keeping churches have fallen to the level of the non-Sabbath keepers. They no longer believe we must stop sinning, be perfect and keep the Ten Commandments to get our eternal life. It is all about “saved by grace” and being an “Adventist”. The churches, all of them, are in rebellion against God by teaching “saved by grace”. When they tell you, you can’t be perfect, they are in rebellion against God. When they tell you, you can’t stop sinning, they are in rebellion against God. When they tell you, you can’t keep the Ten Commandments, they are in rebellion against God. That is why we must obey the Bible and get out before we are brainwashed into believing their lies.


Ministry News

Dear Jesus Christ Prison Ministry,

I have received your letter and the material enclosed which will be very helpful to these men here. I will make copies of the applications and pass them also. I will encourage these men to fill them out and accept your free offer. I have passed out your flyers and bookmarkers and the men grab them right up. Would you please send about one (100) hundred of your bookmarkers to my office? They were gone quickly and the men have asked for more.
Donald Stine, Chaplain, Buckingham Correctional Center, Dillwyn, VA

God has truly been blessing this ministry. God has touched hearts and lives all over the world through this little ministry. We are closer to the close of probation than when the 1844 message first began. Are our lives closer to God? Are we preparing our lives to live in a perfect, sinless world? What sins have you overcome in this last year? Let us be overcomers. Revelation 12:11.

Love in Christ,