Jesus Christ Prison Ministry


"Dear Ron,
I've been incarcerated since the age of 15 years old.  I got busted for strong-arm and was sentenced to 15 years.  I started in juvenile hall, then Youth Authority and then for my 18th birthday present, I was sent to prison.  I would love to take part in your Bible study.  Your story was truly inspirational and the realist as can be.  Especially how people say they are "Christian" but still walk the same path of destruction.
Rigoberto, CA"

The following is a simple telling of the grace of God in my life.  I pray the experience God put me through will bring glory to Him and help you in your walk with Jesus.

In January 1991 I entered prison.  It is in “Reception” where we are fingerprinted, photographed and given our numbers.  We are then tested and evaluated in order to determine our place in the prison system.  Inmates also go through the “doctor’s line”.  When I came to the doctor, he had my charts and was looking at me very strangely.  He asked me how old I was.  I told him I was 40.  He shook his head and said “You have the health of a 10 year old”.  I have been a vegetarian my whole life.  Click here to continue

Continuation of "History of the Ministry"

17 years after moving to our property in Lucerne Valley, building the ministry infrastructure, sending out books and material to inmates, I was struck down and almost died. The devil hates God’s people. He hates this ministry. I was called by God to manage this ministry for Him. The devil did not like that. Therefore, on the 17th of August, 2020, I had such great pain in my neck and shoulder area, I was almost unable to move. I called 911 and when the EMT arrived, they basically told me I was in perfect health and therefore, they were not able to take me to emergency. Three months before, my doctor told me I had the health of a 40 year old. I was 69 years old at the time.  Click here to continue

Woof, Woof:

My name is Rebel. I am a Pink Nose Pit Bull. I was born into a family that was raised and trained to fight. However, one of the family members, Adam, a young man of about 17, saw something very special in me and rescued me from that horrible fate. When I was about six months old he realized that he could not protect me forever since I was getting old enough to train. Family were pressuring him to train me for fighting. One day he put a collar and leash on me and we went for a walk. While we were walking down the highway a PT Cruiser pulled up beside us and the driver asked us if we wanted a ride.  Click here to continue